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    Straight Female / 18

    My step dad sold me
    I ask my step dad to get me a car when I turned 16 in five months, he told me to get a job. Then he tried to fuck me, and after fighting him off so long I git tired, I let him get me, but I told him not to shoot inside me. He did not listen and he came in me, then he laid on top of me for a long time.
    He did not get me pregnant, but I knew once he got me, he would get me when he could now. So I ask the school nurse for birth control, she gave me condoms. I told her this guy wants to get me pregnant, he will not wear a condom. She told me to not sleep with a guy who would do that, I told her it's not an option.
    She started asking questions, I walked out. She chased me down and brought me back. She stopped asking questions and she gave me a shot. She wanted me taken care of and pills can be missed.

    My step dad started getting my pussy when my mom was not home or when mom was sleeping. One night he laid on top of my from behind, when he came up inside me, he laid there and told me that he had plans to swell me up and give me a baby. He told me that my mom was now pregnant but he wanted children faster than mom could make them. I ask him about a car, he told me to get a job. When I told him no one would hire me until I was 16. By then school would be out and there would not be any job for me. He told me to sell some my pussy.

    I could not sell me pussy, boys get it free and they don't have any money. He told me older men, I told him it was scared cops would catch me, then my mom would beat me ass.

    He told me a guy who worked with him would pay me, he had it set up. I would get $50 for a day with this guy. He told me mom that I was cleaning this man's house. I would make $50 on Saturday. The man was white and his house was real nice. He wanted to take pictures of me, then he ask me to take a shower. I used a trash bag and some tape to keep my hair dry. and when I came out of the shower he gave me one of his shirts to wear. told me not to wear underwear or bra. He offered me food and drinks. but I was nervous. He gave me a mixed drink and told me to drink it. That would relax me. I drank it, he got me to sit in his lap on the sofa and he just kissed me. He kissed me and held me for over an hour.

    It was so hot and so good I wanted him to get me, I wanted it bad. I grabbed his dick and tried to get it in me. He told me I was not ready yet, he wanted it to be special. He fixed me another drink and took me to his bedroom. He ate my pussy and it was the best feeling i had ever had. No one had done that before. I did not need a drink to relax, I was having the best time now. I wanted this man to do everything to me. When he got my pussy I wanted it, I did not want it to stop, like I did with my step dad. I think that is because my step dad was never gentle with me. He laughed when I cried the first time he got me. It really hurt and I told him it hurt. He told me GOOD, I needed to be hurt, I was his second bitch. I don't know what that was but I know it burned when he put it in my pussy.

    I ask if I could spend the night, we could have sex on Sunday too. He did not have to pay me another $50 I would let him get me for free. I really liked it. He told me my step dad was charging him $200. So my step day played me and he fucked me. I was so mad, I was hurt. Kyle was nice to me, he said he would help me out. I told him I was saving for a car. He showed me a car he had in the garage. He said it was his ex wife car. He did not drive it but if i wanted a Mustang, he would give it to me.

    I called my mom and told her that I could have this Mustang. But I would have to clean every Saturday for a year and I might have to stay and Clean on Sunday too. She said I could trade the work for the car. She ask if I was comfortable spending the night at Kyle's house? I said yes. Kyle was a nice guy and really sweet. He would take me driving and let me use his tags, he would put me on his insurance. But I I had to work for it. My mom said I could move in with Kyle for all that. She would move in with him if he bought her a Mustang. I know she was joking, but I would have moved in if i could.

    When I got home Sunday night I told my step dad that I knew what he did. He told me thats his pimp cut. He ask if Kyle fucked me good. I told him that I hated it. It did not last long and we watched tv after. I did not want him to know I liked it, or he would not let me go back. My step dad told me to go take a shower and he handed me a douche bottle, said to wash the cum out of me. I read that douche was not good for me, so I poured it in the toilet. When I got out of the shower my step dad bent me over the sink and he came inside me. He told me that he would start fucking me more, I needed to have his baby, so my mom's baby would have a brother to play with.

    My step dad came in my room after mom went to sleep every night and got me, he made me put my feet on the wall and hold the cum in me. My mom woke up and saw him on top of me. My mom freaked out. She beat him with my field hockey stick, then he took it from her and slapped her. Mom kicked him out of the room and she slept with me. She wanted to know how long my step dad had been doing me, I said just two times. It was a lie, but I worried he might tell mom about Kyle.

    We went in the living room and step dad promised to never touch me again. Mom made me promise to tell her if he did, and she would call the police on my step dad. My step dad cried and ask me to forgive him. We talked all night and mom got dressed for work. After she left me step dad made me suck his dick and he got me up my butt. I cried and he told me it was my fault we got busted. He said I should be pregnant by now. he searched me room for pills. I told him I did not have any pills.

    I got my Mustang after I got my drivers license. My step dad hated the car and he hated me. My mom loved my car, I drove her around. she said she married the wrong guy. She should have tried Kyle, she said he's a nice looking white guy. She wondered why he was not remarried, or had a girlfriend. I wanted to tell mom that I was his girlfriend, but I knew she would not let me go back to Kyle's house. I had fallen in love with Kyle that first Saturday. he treated me so sweet so kind. He made me feel like a woman. if i could I would have his baby. but if I stopped taking shots my step dad might get me pregnant.

    I graduated and I got free two years at our local community college. Mom had a birthday and graduation party for me combined. My step dad did a BBQ and grilled chicken. Kyle was there and when I blew out my candles, my friend ask me what my wish was. My step dad said I needed to wish for a job so I could move out the house. Mom said I needed to focus on school. Said I had a job working for Kyle. My step dad said I was working for a car and gas. (Kyle gave me a card he put money on, I used it for gas and other things. He gave me $400 each month) I did not put any food on the table. I needed to get out of the house. I was 18 and grown now. My little brother needed me room.

    In the middle of the party, I ask Kyle if i could stay in his spare room? Kyle said yes. My friends helped me load my clothes and I moved to Kyle's house that night. Kyle is almost forty and I am nineteen. I wanted to stop taking the shots, but Kyle said no. I did not need to have a baby. I needed to get finished with school. I needed a guy my own age some day. I told Kyle that i love him, that I want his baby. I told me mom that I wanted to be with Kyle as his wife, My mom said I could not find a better guy. When kyle gets old I would end up with something. A nice house and some money. If we had kids my kids would get better than my little step brother gets. Mom said I should have Kyle's baby.

    Tonight Kyle is taking me to his family beach condo and I plan to ask him to marry me. My mom told me to show him my phone text. She approves of him giving me a baby. him marrying me if he wants. Wish me luck and hop he says yes.

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    What a big and steamy pile of bullshit!

    1. school nurse would had told to social workers about your situation and your step dad would be fucked for good.

    2. NO mother in this world would let her daughter be with a rapist if they would had found him r****g a daughter just couple of hours ago.

    3. No mother would let a rapist continue living under her roof if she would had found him r****g her daughter.

    and there were lots of other things which prove yuur story is a lie.

    Fuck off!
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    Good for you. You weren't meant to get prego by the dipshit. (I can't even use the word dad or father cuz he is neither. Kyle is right. Get a good education. Then a family if thats what u want. Stay away from the rapist.(he'll likely try that shit with your kid too).
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    Respondent 1 -- you have the class of a night-crawler. Most of this site is fiction, so calm down or bugger off.
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    #3 this site is about confessions. Confession by definition is about experiences that are true, or they are fantasies, thoughts or opinions which he or she likes to bring out in public etc.

    However, people, who tell his or her fantasies as a true experience are not confessing. They are lying.

    Learn the difference.
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    Exactly, the moment she said her mom told her to move in I was like "horseshit"

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