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    Straight Male / 52

    I was in my 20's when this happened. I was at a college party and was getting pretty drunk. I remember going into one of the bedrooms to quickly rest. I fell asleep and woke up hours later on the floor of the room. I was in a space between the bed and a wall which no one would check to look unless they were specifically looking there. I heard some some sounds from the bed and lifted my head up to see 2 naked guys kissing. They saw me and were not too surprised. I stood up and had difficultly keeping my balance and even fell onto the bed. I think they realized I was drunk and they told me to lay down on the bed for a minute. I did as they suggested and once again I fell asleep. This time when I woke up all my clothes were off and the 2 guys were taking turns sucking my cock. Usually when I get drunk I always have my wits about me but this time I don't know how I ended up naked. I had always been curious about making out with a guy and now two of them were making out with me. The two guys stopped and began kissing me. I didn't resist and even kissed back. They lay down on their backs and I did something I had never done before, I began to suck them. These two guys seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. I heard a sound behind me and I see 3 girls standing at the door watching. I don't know how long they were there but I was too drunk to care and continued doing what I was doing. The two guys stopped me and the two of them went back to sucking me off. The girls continued watching us and saw as the guys caused me to cum. The guys got dressed and left right after this. I was left naked and cum covered on the bed. One girl grabbed some tissues and helped clean me up. They told me they never would have guessed I was gay but I surprised them. This was a time when being gay was not the norm and acceptable. I told them I was not gay but they didn't believe me and from what they witnessed they was no denying I was. I figured this would haunt me but it had its benefits. The girls told me seeing us guys doing what we did was a big turn on. One privately told me that she could help fix me and make me straight. I truly was straight but I went out with the one girl who tried to turn me straight. She wouldn't listen to what I was saying but her idea to turn me straight was to have sex with me. I decided to play along and had her having sex with me regularly. I decided to no longer deny anything and had a steady fuck for the next year while she thought she was fixing me. She was willing to do anything I suggested sexually as she thought it may "Fix me". She was reluctant at first but always gave in. It was a fun year.

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    But did you ever go back to sucking cock?
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    I am NOT the original author. But seriously --- don't we Always go back to sucking cock once we've tried it? I'm 77, married -- and still love sucking cock.
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    I am the author. I have sucked cock since and even more than that.

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