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    Posted by Anonymous

    At lunch, my friend and I totally ate a bunch of these strawberry bites that tasted really good. And then, we split a fruit punch kool-aid. I stayed after school that day, which was a huge mistake! I began to feel sick, and I told my friend, who then took me to the teacher. The teacher was sitting with her back towards us, and I was right behind her. My friend tapped her shoulder, and then I threw up this big red mess all over the teacher's back! I was so embarrassed! To make matters worse, the teacher threw up all over her desk! I thought I was going to die. So I burst into tears right there, and I was 14! Then, she turned o comfort me, and I threw up again on her chest! She turned and threw up all over the floor. Then, my friend threw up and another boy threw up. I never saw my teacher wear that shirt ever again!

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    OMG, I've never heard of a vomit-chain reaction like that. That sounds amazing yet unwatchable at the same time.
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    haha, holy shit. that is honestly the best story on here. I would die laughing if i saw it, even tho i might throw up myself.
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    I cringe at the thought of vomit, but it sounds soooo hilarious LMAO !

    Thankyou, that made me laugh :]
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    I just came.

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