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    Straight Female / 27

    I met a guy through friends, he asked me out and we went to an air show. On the way home I invited him in for a sandwich and a beer. We were overheated from the day and a bit smitten by him. I undressed and laid out naked on the bed and offered him desert.

    The two things about that afternoon, exposing myself naked to a stranger, it was our first date, was erotic, it felt good in a sexy sort of way. Surrendering myself to him was also a first, I tend to want to set the rules. I never had a chance to set any rules or boundaries.

    He wants to be in charge and I am not used to being led around. It's a bit late to give him my list of dating rules.

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    Ask him how he would like you to dress, make up, panty styles, push-up bras, pretty dresses and how he like his cock sucked. Make sure you do everything he wants and show him complete obedience. That is how I trained my wife. I taught my wife the names for the special positions sex.I fuck her all the time. I use all her holes. She knows that I can easily be replaced.
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    #1 is a panty waist candy ass left over from the 1970's.
    Look, you are female ; of course HE sets rules & guidance for you to please him. THAT will never change. Your requirement as a woman is to be obedient. Case closed.

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