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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    i started having sex with men about five years ago, and now i'm pretty much addicted to sucking men's dicks and getting fucked in the ass.
    family, work and friends do not know about this, but virtually all my spare time is devoted to cruising the internet for older guys who will let me come to their house and have my mouth and ass used
    last weekend i went to a guy's house on friday night. he face fucked me while i was on my knees and held my face in position to shoot his load in my mouth
    i was out with the family on saturday thinking about cock. when i got home i had missed an invite from a stranger. i arranged to visit him on sunday morning at nine. i went to his house as arranged. he wasn't very tall but he had a beautiful big cock. i sucked him off while he licked my hole, then fucked me very hard and very expertly while i sniffed poppers. he made me cum all over his bed as he fucked me and i was shaking by the time he finished with me.
    still, later the same day i was cruising again and ended up driving to a man's house in the evening. his cock was so thick that it took him ages to get it into my tight little hole. when he did get it in he gave me a good, long, hard fucking as he reached round and jerked off my little cock until i came again
    this was the first time i gave been screwed by two different men in the same day or had three men in one weekend.

    it's saturday morning now and i'm at it again. i'm messaging with a guy who wants to call me names while he fucks me. i think he is genuine and am optimistic that it will happen. i've got a hard on for him and i'm jerking off, being careful not to cum. i want to orgasm as he plows me and calls me his faggot slut.

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    I discovered my need for cock later in life as well. It happened when I joined a gym. I made friends with a man who went to the gym with me. Like me he is married and has a good job. We are gym buddies so no one suspects that instead of going to work out we hang out at a Motel 6 and suck and fuck. We don't do it every week but at least three times a month we get together. I'd say he is the top, he does most of the fucking, but we are both cocksuckers. He is my first, but I am not his first.
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    You two pieces of shit can fuck whoever you want, but you have zero right to do it on the down low. Your urges aren't above your wives right to truth and respect. Loser, spineless, dirtbags. Own your truth. Tell your wives. Would have been best before you acted out but it's not too late. Maybe she'd like some side action too! Grow a pair and tell them!!

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