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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    My boss Michael is such a prick, and thinks he's so cool with his dominant, better than thou attitude. His wife is, and I know this for sure, fucking an older dude who I suspect is his uncle. She also knows that I'm banging their nineteen year old daughter Ashleigh, as she caught us fucking the same time I saw her bouncing up and down on the older guys cock.
    We were both at a well known park up place where couples, usually younger, go to have sex.
    Her reaction was to get out of his car and walk over. Agreeing with her daughter to say nothing either way, I slid my dick back into Ashleigh and let her mom see me do it.
    I thought she might have said something, instead the following Monday in work, she called by. Gave her husband some lunch, and signalled for me to follow her.
    Around the back of my work place, my bosses wife sucked on my dick, then had me fuck her from behind, as she leaned onto a tree. In the minutes I fucked her, I felt her orgasm three times, the last time just seconds before I came deep up her juicy c**t.
    In the five months since our first fuck, I've now fucked Ashleigh's mom at least two to three times a week. Sometimes only an hour or so before I have sex with Ashleigh.
    My ideal situation would be to fuck them both together, but I doubt Ashleigh would go for it, even if I'm sure her mom would.

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