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    Gay Male / 42

    I do have a confession to make, and this has been going on for just under a year now. A little about me so you can picture whatâs up, Iâm a 42 old male with a slim build and brown hair, look a little younger with a nice seven inch cut cock and shaved balls. I have a young black lab pup that I have to walk twice daily around my enclosed neighborhood, so when you do this you often, you get to know all your neighbors. I met my neighbors young son who is in his freshman year in college and we struck it up to be fast friends, he is just 19 yrs old also with a slim build dark hair and a really pretty mouth and a dimple on his left cheek. He would walk with us sometimes, more often in the evenings and we would talk about his school and things like that, but he then started to talk about sexual things like he would get hard during the day and would beat off looking at me when I would walk by his parentâs house in the mornings with my puppy. I was like thatâs normal, boys get hard all the time and Steven said he would like to try and suck a cock sometime, that he has been thinking about it for a long time and wants to try because he watches a lot of gay porn, loves to look at the hard man cocks. I asked him if he wanted to suck my cock? Yes. Steven has a imps mouth very sexy looking slight up turn on the corners, a nice place to slide a hard cock.
    I wasnât totally taken a back by this, I knew something was up with this kid, so I agreed and we walked back to my house , we went into the kitchen and I had Steven sit at the table while I prepared to feed my dog, and I asked again if he was really serious about sucking a manâs cock. Yes, as he started to rubs his cock through his shorts, I stood right next to him after I put the dog food down and took his hand and rubbed my cock through my shorts to get it nice and hard, as he was rubbing me I let my shorts fall and standing now with no underwear on and a hard cock pointed right at his mouth. He looks up with his big blue eyes and smiles as I put my hand to back of his head and lead him to my cock. He parts his beautiful lips and takes my cock in. A nice slurping sound going up and down like he has done this before, I slowly withdrawn my hard cock and have Stevie suck my balls and lick under my sac, very close to my asshole he might even licked it several times, I couldnât be sure that is how good it felt. After what seemed like and hour I really needed to cum, I stepped back to catch my breath and he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth at the same time rubbing my wet slobbered balls and running his hand under my sac and touching my wet slobbered asshole, my first burst of cum was very hard so too was two and three, Stevie was moaning as he was swallowing my cum, taking me down to the root with his mouth. I was spent, totally. Standing and looking down at him with his red face and a little cum on the corners of his mouth and said he did a great job, really Stevie you were wonderful, and if you want to suck me again any time, well almost every day now this past summer I have been sucked and licked by Stevie.

    What I wanted to confess wasnât so much that because I just wanted you to know I have a great cocksucker, but what I have been doing every morning before that and during that, is I get up in the morning âI only sleep in a tee shirt by the way no under wear- and make coffee, after it is brewed I rub soft butter on my cock and balls and usually have a smoke and drink my coffee at the kitchen table while my dog licks my cock and balls. It isnât like I get totally sexually aroused but while drinking my coffee and smoking, I just sit and think about the day ahead while the dog licks me. I have been doing this with all the dogs I have had for several years, and this dog just loves it to. This always happens only in the mornings before are walks and before she is ever feed. This way she feels she is being rewarded with some butter. I usually donât cum, but it is more of a nice way to start your day with a hard cock. Nice clean cock and clean balls. But, Stevie has been sucking my cock right after this each morning after our walks, I donât want to change my routine and there is the dog to think about too and Stevie hasnât said anything about the taste of my cock and seems happy to have a mouthful of cum too. So I figure we will just go along this way. I know it sounds strange and all but it is really nice and the dog and I have bonded really well. Stevie feels like he is doing something dirty and can go home after and beat off like he always has, to me this has been just normal, like today nothing new same old thing. Feels good and no tension or anything. Stevie is a wonderful young man who really likes to suck cock , but what if I stop the dog from licking my cock and balls and when Stevie heads back to school in august I will have to retrain the pup. So Iâll just let it go along.

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