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    Straight Male / 53

    Today,I found out that my father was a evil man. He's been dead for over 12 years now, but today I was informed that he was bisexual and also a p**ophile.
    My mom and sister told me the whole truth and showed me pictures and films. We destroyed them by burning them in a bbq grill. I had no idea.

    My sister stated that from the age of 5 years old he had beem m****ting her,making her perform oral sex on him. When she turned 9 years old,he took her vaginal virginity and that it continued until she was 16. She also said that he began to take her places where other men would abuse her and where there were other young girls. My mom knew of this but was too afraid of her husband.

    Mom is 83 years old and on her last few months, MY sister is 53 and tells me that a couple of mu other sister's have also been abused as well as few of my female cousins.

    I am totally surprised and shocked.

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    I found out things about my father too after he died, My Sister confessed that he had been messing around with her from the age of five, Funny thing is I'm male and I thought I was the only one he messed around with we didn't know the other was being played with by him, In fact I couldn't even tell her how long he had been playing around with me as I couldn't remember when it started, Apparently our mother knew about us both but like your Mother she was too afraid of him to do anything, I never complained out of fear and because I thought it was what every father did with their son, He would also "Lend" me to one of his workmates at odd weekends for a few hours he was a horrible dirty old man who liked causing me pain and making me cry but I had no choice what my father said went and I was told to make his freind happy or else!, In fact his freind was happiest if he had to force me to do things as he was a bit of a sadist, I learned later that he used to pay my father so he could abuse me, My Sister and I don't talk about it anymore as we both know it doesn't help.
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    Your mother is just as much to blame as your father, glad your father is now dead, as he and those other men should have had their balls chopped off. As for your mother, that's your decision.
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    I would not be too fast in blaming your mother.

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