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    Straight Male / 31

    Stuff you would rather not know.

    I work in a mid sized office with 40 employees. Working with me in the same position is a girl my age. We get along fine. She is a gym rat and she convinced me to go with her. At the gym I am not in her league at all. She hangs with a group of women who are all into hard workouts and all these women have the body for it.

    In the car afterwards, she mentioned that she always wanted to have boobs. She asked me if I thought she was beautiful. She told me she wanted to have a relationship. She wanted to be friends out of work, spend time together, and she told me she thought I was the smartest man she knew. I had stopped the car. We were in a parking lot and this conversation was going everywhere bad. I told her that I thought she was very attractive, thank you for thinking of me as being smart but that she should know that maybe we didn't have the same interest.

    She sat in the car and told me to kiss her. Every time I tried talking her answer was to kiss her. I tried starting the car but she turned off the ignition. We weren't going to leave until I kissed her. Well, I didn't kiss her and we went to get her car back at the office and when she got out she told me that it wasn't over. She had made up her mind.

    We somehow managed to get along in the office and for unknown reasons to me I went with her the gym and watched her work out with all those other women. Sundays we went shopping, Monday nights we go out for pizza. We were dating and we talked. Last Saturday night, late at night, it was past midnight and we were sitting in the car, she told me about her father.

    There are things that you do not want to know. She told me the whole thing until she moved out of her parent's home. She was not emotional, it was like telling a story out of history book. She was matter of fact and she was just as matter of fact when she told me how she felt about me. She sat in the car with her hands in her lap and said it was time for me to act.

    I own a secret of hers I never wanted. It's pizza night and I don't know what to do. I don't have the balls to act.

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    Do you NOT like pussy? Are you gay? This gal wants to fuck you and you are not interested? Something is up with you. Most guys would have fucked her the first time after the gym. Please explain why you are reluctant.
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    Don't be a loser. Your reasoning is loser reasoning. She's being honest and sincere, and she's obviously a step up for you. I don't like to assume, but this sounds like a long-standing pattern of behavior. Take some ownership of your happiness, have some fun with her, and open yourself up to some possibilities. Life is too damn short to limit yourself. Lastly, be nicer to yourself, she likes you for a reason, just be content that she does, and open your heart and mind to life. Don't close yourself off from life, you cannot know what you are discounting/passing up.
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    She is out of my league, that's why.
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    too much missing information on this story to make any conclusions about
    any of it. I does not rise to the level of "Fatal Attraction" syndrome and what about the father. The story needs a re-write with more data.
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    If shes interested in you shes not out of your league, if she was she wouldnt be doing what she is.

    You sound like a decent respectful guy who needs some self confidence. Just because you dont do the hard workouts or whatever doesnt mean you couldnt be a good boyfriend or more to this girl. Maybe she sees the big picture that someone to have in her life means more than just someone that can keep up with her in workouts.

    If youre smart, a good man, honest, and treat her like she should be, then you are in the same league.

    I am a smart guy, my wife is a lot better looking than me with a gorgeous 34DD body, she could be considered out of my league with her looks and body, but we are a good fit because we appreciate what we both bring to a relationship.
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    Sounds like you dont have the balls for much of anything. Dont be a pussy. She needs a man, she would like that to be you. Man the fuck up.
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    Opposite thought here. If she makes you uncomfortable or you have some red flags going up, do not engage. Otherwise, if you're interested and so is she enjoy it and her while you can.
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    I could never be around her father
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    She's a fucking psycho. She's literally forcing you into shit that's making you uncomfortable. Look, as a guy who went through this, don't do it. Meet a girl when you feel up to it, and one that respects your limitations. Otherwise, you're gonna be knee deep in crazy and severe guilt trips. It's not worth it.

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