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    Straight Female / 28

    Three weeks back a really handsome older man who works alongside me sometimes, gave me a hug in work. It was after I told him how frustrated I was with my husband's growing lack of libido.
    The hug lasted longer than it should as a normal "hey everythings going to be okay" hug. I could feel his lower chest pressing my breasts and his strong arms encircling me. Then as if in slow motion, he slid his right hand up under my skirt, moved my panties aside and inserted a finger deep inside my pussy. I could easily have stopped him, but I didn't and allowed him to continue to stimulate my sex. Moving his hand around he found my clit and manipulated it to the point, I very nearly came there and then.
    Parting we swapped knowing smiles and went our separate ways. But before he totally walked off, he put his finger to his nose sniffed in my pussy scent, then looking directly at me, licked and sucked his finger clean.
    I cannot tell you just how much I wanted him to bury his face between my legs and then to force me to take his cock in my mouth, pussy and especially my asshole.
    Unfortunately that was the last time I saw him for a while as he was going on vacation. He's now back in work, but I've been way too busy in work to know if he's been around. That was until four days ago. He stopped me in the back corridor, asked me if I was still frustrated and pulled me upto him for a long passionate tongue swappping kiss.
    It was such a turn on to be wanted sexually, I put my right hand onto his cock bulge and was about to slide my hand down into his trousers when the elevator pinged. We parted and only just in time as some of our colleagues got out.
    Nothing else happened that day, even if I so wanted it to.
    Having said that, he did send me an invite to his place this coming weekend later on and I instantly messaged my husband to suggest he might like to go fishing, as I was thinking of going over to my moms house (They do not get on). His response was to say "Ch** asked me weeks ago if I fancied going on up to the lake, do you mind".
    My husband is going up to the lake with Ch**, and he'll be gone Friday and Saturday night. I've already messaged my work colleague and told him I'm paying him a visit at the weekend. He sent me a picture back of him totally naked sporting a huge erection and a comment saying "Hope you like it up the ass too".
    Now I can't wait for the weekend and to try and take his cock up my ass, something else my husband will not indulge me in.

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    Huh. Did all this at work? And you just stood there at work and let him do it?

    Nice story, but I dont buy it.
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    #1 I think you need to read it all again. She obviously didn't "do it all at work".

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