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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Not sure anymore who or what I am, in terms of my sexuality and my life with my wife and children.
    A little over a year ago my wife made a statement which nearly drove me wild with sexual frustration. She basically told me sex was no longer a thing she enjoyed and only suffered me fucking her, to keep me happy.
    I was so shocked by her comment, I laughed but she was deadly serious. The reason I laughed was only weeks before, she'd booked us onto a very liberal break, where she knew other couples fucked one another.
    We both indulged in lots of sex over the three days and nights, with me I must admit finding a young guys mouth and arsehole a wonderful new sexual experience. So much so, I spent a whole night sucking and fucking with him on our last night there.
    Nothing at all happened at all after the three days trip and I genuinely thought, given my wife and I were fucking pretty much all the time, everything was fine. Then she came out with her statement, adding she'd felt that way for a while and wanted the trip to be a testing ground for the both of us. Her to see if it was me who was all but stopping her sexual drive, and to see if I'd want to fuck other people, given the chance.
    The fact I fucked the young guy only added to her lack of interest and that was that.
    For a while I stayed totally faithful hoping she would work through her sexual disinterest, but nothing would make her want sex. Then around two months ago, the very same young man got in touch with me out of the blue. I didn't know how he got my contact details, but the same evening we met up at a cafe, and then I drove us to a beautiful spot I know.
    In the open air with night falling, we stripped off naked and walked into some woodland. He told me he hadn't had sex since we fucked at the sexual event, and had missed my cock immensely. As soon as he said it, he sank down, took hold of my erect cock and sucked it into his hot mouth. After such a long time without sex, his mouth felt amazing and I every nearly came within seconds. Only him squeezing my balls kept me from doing so and I gained my stamina back. Fucking his mouth, holding head tightly, I was soon sliding every inch of my seven inch cock down his eager throat. It was so thrilling to have sex with him outdoors under the stars and swaying trees, I told him we'd have to fuck more often like this. The phrase "fuck" made him rise and he said holding his arse cheeks apart "If you say so".
    I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you, and seconds later without using lube or a condom, I slid my dick up his rear hole and loved watching it disappear up his sweet tight bum.
    Every thrust was so intense in as much as we both wanted each other sexually, so badly. I cannot describe truly in words just how amazing it felt to be fucking an eighteen year old lad, under the stars and to be so incredibly horny for him. If and I genuinely mean this, I could have stayed all night fucking him, I would have, yet i knew I had work the following morning and I also knew my wife would worry where I was. Or so I thought.
    Drilling my cock into him time after time, he screamed out he was cumming and I held him tightly around his waist as he shuddered violently on my cock. Not slowing down or removing my cock at all, I screwed him harder and drove my dick as deep as it would sink up his fuck hole. I was gone sexually, and totally into giving us both a fantastic experience, I didn't and didn't want to change position. So when my climax built to such a degree, I just pummeled him forcing him to take my cock stood up as he propped himself against a tree.
    My cum literally flooded his hole, and I was sweating profusely by the time I withdrew my dick from his backside. My cum dripped out as he turned his head and told me "I think I'm in love with you".
    It was an hour later that I sat across from my wife. The kids were already in bed and she sat there with a quiet knowing smile on her face. My wife then said without any kind of anger, jealousy or remorse in her voice "So you and Jay met then". It was an open question and answer at the same time. Her next comment told me everything "Got in touch with him, told him you're missing fucking someone and he got straight back to me. I take it you fucked him tonight, I hope you did and I want you to know I still love you".
    I'm still fucking Jay, almost daily. Sometimes we have sex in our home, but mostly we now have sex in his new flat. He now works for me and he earns his wages in ever way you can imagine. My wife actually helped him move into the flat and also cooks for him sometimes when our kids aren't home. They're both older than Jay, but my wife and I think it's not time to tell them of our "Arrangement" yet.
    And that's my problem. I just don't see myself explaining myself or my sexuality to my children. I hope they'd react positively and be cool with their dad being bisexual, but I'm not sure. Not sure enough to ruin my relationship with them. Yet I have a huge amount of feeling for Jay, maybe not love in the conventional sense, or maybe it is. But I do know, I don't want to lose him either.

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