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    Straight Male / 28

    Dee is a woman co-worker just a few years older than me. I knew her for two years before we finally decided to have dinner together, where she did not consider it a date. She is very straight-laced and rarely cracks a smile, despite my efforts with jokes that are so bad they are funny. On our third dinner (date, in fact) which she at first did not want to call it a date she told me that she could climax by manipulating my erect penis and balls with her hands. I took her up on it and in her car she gave me an extraterrestrial handy, then came.

    What really got her off (now many dates later) was masturbating me under the table in the dining room with her bare feet. Fortunately, the place is upscale Italian with checkered linen on the tables. She did me with her feet, under the table and is highly skilled at it. I asked her if she could indicate when she was going off. She did. I know when I spurt and she can feel the hot sperm on her feet, she moans almost too loudly. She uses one of the linen napkins to dry her feet and I always wonder it the restaurant people can smell my sperm on their linen.

    It took a short while but all that offbeat sex got me interested in banging her. She said, OK, then preceded it with half an hour of handling my dick and balls but finally she said, "O.k., you can do it now". At first I wondered what freaky thing she would insist upon before the fuck but, amazingly, she just positioned herself for straight missionary and we did it. She wrapped her legs around my body and I told her it made it difficult for me to bang away at her. I found the fucking to be very good and wondered if I could have had it from start of all the hand and foot work. What I did find out is that she gets hotter while fucking if I insist that she tell me when she's approaching her big "O".

    After that revelation I became the Big "O" Nazi and feigned anger and told her to let me know. The angrier I "got," the quicker she came. I guess we are all not buttoned up the same way. I now do Dee's stuff with her as much as possible and everyone in the office seems to know what we are into. It wasn't me who told them.

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    I have a fuck buddy that I can make her orgasm just by waving my hand in front of her, she will also cum violently if I rub her back or touch her earlobe, sometimes it takes a few seconds but then she just can't stop. She's also multi orgasmic and can cum hundreds of times in a sex session. Restaurants are fun as is walking down the street, I will often get told don't you dare but sometimes a cheeky hand on the back is all it takes.
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    You already posted this. Bring some new material.
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    yeah dude "new material" like OP is a fucking stand up comic

    this is a confession site dumbass

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