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    Straight Male / 47

    Here's a confession that over the past 30 years, I've taken great pains to hide. Until now, no one knows about this not even my second wife and I want to keep it that way. In fact, I've taken great pains to hide an entire separate career from my early adulthood. Hold onto your hats because this one is good!

    I am sure everyone has heard of Las Vegas and I also sure that some of you may or may not know that City by it's dubious nickname 'Sin City'?

    Well, from about the mid-seventies to late eighties that City truly earned that nickname as it was without question one of the sleaziest places on the planet. This was most especially true if you were a professional dancer.

    I was a straight laced Company Ballet Dancer when at the age of 24 I heard that the Vegas Casinos were drooling over landing seasoned male cavaliers for their Cabaret Shows. To be more specific, they were having troubles finding males who fit the mold of what they wanted and what they wanted was chiseled, handsomely masculine male dancers with squared jawlines. I had heard the money was good and so at the time I figured "youth was on my side and that I had nothing to lose!"

    Among male ballet dancers, I was always considered a bit different from the regular male dancers and I liked it that way. For one I was very straight and secondly, I considered myself an athlete first and dancer second. In high school I played varsity football and also wrestled. I was forever in and out of ballet and this always pissed off my instructors but I didn't care because I was a cocky dude.

    When I told the Company's Ballet Mistress that I was headed to Vegas she begged me not to go. I clearly recall the expression on her face and I could tell she was serious. She knew what was going on out there but for whatever reason, she held back on telling me then.

    Managing money was never a strong suit of mine and over the course of the first month I was out there, my checking account was nearly at zero. I had wanted to hold out so that I could audition for one of the Major Shows but now things were suddenly at critical mass.

    Right about that time rescue arrived in the form of a phone call from this lady who was a dance talent scout whom I had hired. One of the smaller Burlesque Cabaret Shows in Old Vegas was looking for a male dancer with a lot of ballet experience specifically 'pas de deux' or partnering skills. A perfect fit for me! She had sent the Show's Director my resume with head shot photo and he told her "to have me come down immediately."

    In those days, just about every damned show around Vegas was in actuality, a glorified Burlesque Show so I really didn't give the label much thought.

    When I first showed up for rehearsals I was taken aback by my partner 'Tammy'. Tammy was an extremely exotic looking girl with easily, the sexiest most gorgeous female physique that I had ever seen and that was saying a lot. She was an ethnic mix of Hawaiian and Portuguese but she didn't have much in the way of formal dance training. At the time I was surprised by this but didn't really ponder it for too long. She and I were to perform an adagio piece that was to be the Show's Premier dance number if not top act.

    In fact, she was the Show's marquee stripper. In all the Show also had 2 other girls that did striptease acts. A small chorus section filled out the dancer card.

    As I would soon learn, this small Show was a traditional French themed deal that had been struggling and was in danger of having its contract voided by some rather rough unsavory characters.

    In those days the old French themed deals were generally weird! How they typically went was to always feature a set of freaky comedy acts and this show certainly did that! At the time they had 4 dwarf clowns trying to get into a tiny taxi, 3 live orangutans messing with their trainer and a short giggling bubbly woman who weighed 300lbs that twirled her tits.

    We worked for 5 straight days getting the dance act up and going. The Show Director was an idiot who didn't know squat about partnering but none of it was very challenging at all and Tammy and I meshed really well.

    That this dance act was going to be a very steamy suggestive number was obvious from the start and I was admittedly "very worried about it" but I found myself sort of just going along with everything. Out of money and options, I felt there was no outlet! I felt things were getting a bit too interesting and called the talent lady but she just giggled and said "be happy where you're at."

    Not making things any better was the presence of the Casino Owners and their wives who each day would help themselves to the Showroom's stocked bar.

    The bull crap would start with catcalls the second Tammy and I would walk on stage and strip out of our outer attire. We just tried to ignore the catcalls but it was hard. I think it was at this point that for the first time I was in dance, I felt totally and completely exploited and violated. Each night I tossed and turned in my bed wondering if somebody would recognize me in this show?

    The women would get all tanked up then wander down to the front of the stage to watch Tammy and I work on partnering. These women knew what was going on with our act and seemed to be already getting off on it or at least the power they felt they had over it. The air would be thick with their cigarette smoke and we could hear every word they were saying. "That boy is going to look fine in a G-string!" Lets tell Marty to make them perform full nude!" Why doesn't Marty make their love scene a bit more intense?" It just went on and on. I wondered how other dancers in Vegas would put up with this?

    Yup! We had a love scene to act out but that wouldn't come until Tammy and I had completed some pretty provocative partnering.

    When we first began rehearsing the actual love scene I thought "this guy is crazy if he thinks the censors would allow this!" But then, what the hell did I even know about who was doing the censoring? As far as costuming, I didn't even give it a thought though I should have!

    This whole time though, Tammy and I were growing closer together. I believe the catcalls and nature of what we knew we would be doing definitely drew us closer.

    Tammy and I didn't process it then but we were part of a new breed of Burlesque Striptease Adagio Performers.

    In this era, the desire for ever increasing beautiful live erotic entertainment was insatiable and so some enterprising Burlesque Choreographer soon thought of a novel idea. "Why not match pair chiseled masculine male ballet dancers with top end female exotic dancers?"

    It wasn't too long before such partnerships began appearing at some rather posh/swanky striptease clubs. The ballet world turned up its noses at this practice and only wanted to pay lip service to the fact that some of its males were signing on with Striptease Clubs to perform with the Club's girls.

    On that first night the Show got lucky and sold nearly its entire allotment of tickets to a mob of tourists from the Far East. What really got everybody's attention though was that most of them bought tickets to the second late showing.

    Looking back, I think some of those people's eyes nearly bulged right out of their sockets when Tammy and I retreated to opposite ends of the small stage, faced each other then took off our costuming robes. You could have a pin drop in that room before some guy in the back echoed out "holy sh%$!" We could actually hear the guy!

    Well, I couldn't say I could blame the guy as Tammy and I wore what had to be the skimpiest outfits anybody had probably ever seen to that point. They were just thin rhinestone straps that crisscrossed our upper bodies before attaching to the rear sides of silver and purple sequined G-strings. The frontal coverings though were kept to an absolute minimum with mine being a tight sling and Tammy's closely resembling one of those wild Brazilian deals.

    The Proprietors had wanted top quality skin and we were certainly providing it. The side waistbands of those things were not even a half inch wide and the thong portion was just a thin rhinestone strap. In fact from our side angle one couldn't tell we even had on G-strings and until catching a minute flash from the waistband rhinestones.

    For our footwear they put me in some thick white furred dance boots with silver wrist bracelets. Tammy just had on thin white ballet slippers with a silver headband.

    For our pas work Tammy was very poised and grew more confident with each move. Initially, I was a bit out of sorts having to perform almost completely nude but after a couple of moves I just seemed to put it out of my mind.

    Meanwhile the Owners of the Show were guffawing. They felt Tammy and I made for a beautifully gorgeous Burlesque Show couple and complimented the costume lady for out outfits. What really set us apart to them though was the stark contrast in our skin tones as Tammy was a natural tanned look whereas I am a very pale white. Further, my hair is a light sandy brown and hers was long and jet black.

    Just prior to us heading to our stage bed for the love scene, Tammy plied down and hopped up on me. She immediately tightly wrapped her thighs around my waist with her fingers interlocked behind my neck. We looked at each other for just a moment before she cocked her head. We then engaged in a deep kiss.

    The stage bed itself was actually Tammy's throne sofa. She was playing the role of a Babylonian Queen and so the throne sofa was covered in a gold velvet material. Typical Vegas!

    I think at that time, our live love scene was one of the most provocative performances anyone had ever seen. She got on top of me and I could hear the audience gasping in disbelief. They simply could not fathom what they were witnessing! The stage lighting had went to several different subdued hues as we performed. Our final love making position had me in a standard missionary position. I remember just staring ahead like a zombie as I ground the front of my sling right up into her. That damned G-string just kept going further up into my rear end each time I would relax my glutes. We finally got up on our knees and kissed before the curtains closed.

    I was pretty subdued after those first two performances. Once my mind would clear I immediately felt very dirty. Waves of shame would come over me. I had nightmares wondering if anybody that knew my family was there?

    That night Tammy invited me over to her apartment and we both knew where things were headed. I had on my tight jeans and jean jacket with cowboy boots and she had on a black silk robe. We might have sat down for a minute or two before I followed her back to her room. Without saying a word, she looked right at me before removing that robe and climbing on that bed.

    I just stared ahead as I took off my duds. I was semi-hard and knew that she was going to put me into a deep ecstasy and keep me there.

    We sensually kissed with her on top before she went down on me. When she scooted down between my legs Tammy playfully giggled and smiled wide. She was noticing that like hers, nearly my entire genital area had been shaved and waxed bald. To her, it was the mark of a Vegas exotic dancer. I was never going back to ballet and knew it. As Tammy sucked on me I knew that the Gods of eroticism had brought me to her and there was nothing I could do about it.



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