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    Straight Female / 40

    I have never been married. I am currently with my third husband, another woman's husband.

    I am not and never was what is considered attractive. I suppose I feel more attractive now that I am forty. I was always a skinny kid, with red hair and freckles. I wore glasses and a retainer. My mother worked for the school district so everyone at school new who I was. When puberty hit me I ended up with kind of pointy tits and I suppose from the way I stood I could never quite see my pussy. I could feel it, and I found that I liked feeling it and from fourteen on I masturbated quite a lot.

    I went to a small Christian college which mostly had other girls, a few boys but not any boys you would want to date. I had gotten over my retainer and I had figured out how to comb and tame my hair and I continued to masturbate. We aren't talking about once in a while, I masturbated almost every day. I had also discovered my anus and I enjoyed inserting a thick marker in my anus while I masturbated. I carefully washed my marker and put it away. I liked inserting the marker in my anus and standing up and pressing my butt cheeks together. It never crossed my mind that I could lose the marker up my anus and fortunately I didn't.

    I graduated with an English degree and got a job working for the public utility as a secretary to the Operations Vice President. From the very first day I noticed that he paid a lot of attention to my chest. At that time, I was out of college and paying my own bills I had a series of sex toys that I had acquired including some anal plugs. I worked with an anal plug inserted and liked to wear very shear underwear. I started to wear more revealing tops, including tight sweaters. One day I wore a sheer bra to work and I had sweater on and I stood in his office taking notes for my day's activities. I could feel that my nipples were hard and I could see that he was paying more attention to my nipples than to me.

    After he finished giving me the activities for day I stood there and asked him why he never took advantage of me. Right then I felt bad, he was a fifty something man and I was a 23 year old. But he told me to turn around and see what I had to offer. That afternoon he asked me to go with him to check out a rent house he was thinking of buying. In the empty house he told me to take it all off and see if what I had was worth his time. After I was naked he told me to get down and give him a blow job.

    I ended up being fucked on the carpet and that is how I became his girlfriend on the side. I didn't tell him that day that I had never actually had sex with a man. Nor that I had never been naked in front of a man. I had only masturbated and practiced in my imagination. On our third time, still at the empty rent house, I pushed my back end against him and I had my first anal sex. He was a very experienced man and he was used to having a girlfriend and he was my first lover. There were lots of dos and don'ts, and we started to have sex at a motel and later he helped me move into a better and more private place with a garage. I kept his favorite beer and he bought a television to set up at my place and bought a king size bed. For a year we had sex several times a week.

    One day the Human Resources Director called me. I was totally unprepared and I was laid off. Cut backs. My lover and boss never spoke to me again, he never came for his television or his king size bed. I never spoke to him again. I got laid off, I got a severance and I was looking for a job.

    For the next two jobs I wasn't lucky, but on the third I worked with a man who had a wife and two little kids. His wife had gone cold on him and him and he was more than willing to get involved. I knew what to do about the apartment, I set it up for him and we used it mostly during the lunch hour and sometimes after work before he had to go home. His wife had lost interest in sex. She was an attractive woman and she was very warm and good with the kids. I gave him all the sex he wanted and we stayed lovers for the next ten years, as he rose through the company he pulled me along with him. After ten years he cooled off and wanted to get back with his wife, his kids were now in their early teens and we just agreed to stay friends but stop the affair.

    I am forty now, and I met a man, an insurance executive in his late fifties. He likes things, like anal sex and he likes sex toys. He can get rough, and he does get rough, but I control him. I can only take so much, I don't mind being held down a little but I don't like being tied. I slapped him and he got very aggressive and we ended up on the floor with me sitting over his mouth.

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    I wish fuck ur mouth too
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    So he licked you well after you sat over his mouth?

    As long as you are in control and you get your satisfaction,what is the problem?

    All women are essentially attractive.I wonder why you say you are not.

    This way you are giving in to exploiters. Anal sex and toys can harm you beyond repair,so be cautious.
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    this is fantastic good for you

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