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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Choices choices choices, now who do I pick to fuck this coming weekend.

    My wife who I've been married to since I was twenty two. She's now put on some weight and doesn't let me fuck her asshole anymore. But she can suck a football through a straw.

    My wife's best friend who's just turned twenty four and is a real hottie. She adores anal, loves my cock and is crazy for a fuck anytime anywhere with me.

    Or my final choice is someone I've been fucking now for over a year. He's, yes it's a him, twenty two, absolutely craves my cock up his tight asshole, and is the by far the dirtiest of the three. Plus he's my wife's younger brother.

    I could fuck all three in theory, but I really enjoy going to town on one of them, fucking them until I have them literally begging me to shove all eight inches of my cock up their fuck holes (Except my wife's ass).

    There is is however one caveat here, and that's all three now know about one another. It was my wife's idea for me to fuck her best friend when she wasn't able to have sex due to surgery, and she knew I'd find a willing pussy anyway. Then one evening with my wife at work, as I was fucking her best friends asshole from behind, her brother walked in on us. He genuinely thought he was getting one over on me as he threatened to spill the beans. Sending my wife's best friend home, winking at her as I did, I persuaded my wife's brother not to say anything by fucking him, after he'd sucked on my dick for quite some time.

    He thought for some time he was having a secret affair with me, as I continued to fuck him for months. Then when his sister finally told me enough was enough, and to let him know she knew about him and I, I arranged for him to visit with him thinking she was away. I swear I was balls deep up his asshole when he noticed his sister watching us from the bedroom doorway. He tried to bolt away, but then he noticed us laughing. With his sister downstairs making us all a coffee, I finished off fucking him, cumming deep up his cute ass. And then explained everything downstairs including me having free range to have sex with my sisters best friend whenever she was around (She's got a new job working away a lot).

    So my question is, who do I fuck for my birthday weekend. One of them, my wife and her best friend together maybe (Never done it). Or all three, fucking her brother in private as he hates his sister being there.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions mmmmmm ???

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