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    Straight Female / 18

    I am confused and seeking opinions.

    Since my pregnancy my boyfriend barely touches me. I am overly horny and thinking dirty. His sister lives with us and has been a big help. She likes to rub my tummy and often massages me. It is getting warmer, I get bigger and I find myself getting thoughts of her. I find that I wear less clothing, trying to look sexy in front of her. I am loosing control and don't know what to do.


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    My best freind was like that when she was pregnant the difference is she knows I'm a lesbian and asked me to help her out of her frustration as her boyfriend had disappeared after learning she was pregnant, She looked beutiful naked and pregnant and I told her so as we had sex together she's always seemed at least Les curious to me and that day confirmed it for me and i made her cum a lot, We are now a couple officially and I'll be there at the birth of her baby and help as much as I can with the baby which will now arrive in about a months time, She's still super horny but that's not a problem as I love making her cum and sucking on her big heavy tits.
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    You need to be careful.She may not be a lesbian and you may put her off.She may also squeal on you and your husband/boyfriend will ditch you even during your pregnancy when you need him most for you and your child.
    I suggest you ,very gently and cautiously,bring up your libido with her and let her tell her brother.You gynaecologist must have already informed you about what can be done safely and till when.

    On the other hand,if she is attracted to you and is a lesbian,she will herself initiate a relationship--in which case you are safe.No blackmail or busting the relationship with her brother.

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