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    Transsexual Female / 24

    six months ago my wife came home from work after one hour and she walked in and found saw me going up and down on his lap with me wearing my stockings and garter belt and he was naked. My boss is a very powerful and sexy hot also, i am his secretary and i came to work as a guy and would go to his office where my real clothes were kept. I would do a hot little strip tease as i undressed, he laughed at my penis size. I would always pretend to slip my dress on and he would stop me and i would do any position and this day i was on top.

    I said, "Hello". she said, "Look at you not stopping to talk." I said, "He hates it when i stop before he is done". She said, "Good because I am going to call my boyfriend to meet me here. I want you to see a real man and then compare him to you like your tiny dick and his long thick cock, he can get his cock to actually enter me and your dick never even tickled my pussy, you cry like a girl and you are afraid of confrontation and he is will stand up to men."

    i said, "Oh God his cock is pulsing hard he is cumming. i dropped my ass all the way and said, "Oh you shoot such big loads of cum." i said that i was looking forward to meeting him. She said you already know him he is your best friend and he wants to fuck you and make you suck him in front of me. he loved seeing those nude pictures of you showing off that little bump you call a dick while you stand like a slut in all of them. I said, "i would love to let him put his cock in any hole he wanted and to go as deep as he can."

    he got there and i had just put my dress back on and opened the to my best friend in my dress. he said, "I knew he was really a she. I said, "Well i am here now in my dress and you have wanted me for awhile now and i want you to treat me like a girl and do anything to me. He pulled out his enormous cock and began to slap my face with it as he said, "Record her she is about to beg me to give her my cock now." she said ok its on and he said, "Beg for my cock SLUT, beg you bitch." I was on my knees and i said, "Oh John please let me feel your cock. i need it so bad." he put it in front of my mouth just close enough for my lips to get it. He said look at him take my big cock with only lips. he grabbed my head and his cock was in my throat. he likes me to gag on his cock.

    He took a copy of the tape and said if i ever try to use my penis on my wife he would take the tape to my mom. then my boss said, "She needs a good 3 way. when i got them hard again i took one in my mouth and one up my ass. My wife was happy that she never had to have sex with me anymore and said, "I need you to clean out your drawers in the bedroom it is for men only and since John is the man of the house and you are just a girl. i moved into the guestroom with lots of pretty collectable dolls and was done in pink. that night i heard something i never heard before my wife was being loud from having sex with a real man, all i got was, you are not even close, your little penis is worthless. I am glad we only attempt sex twice a year, the last 3 years you were unable to try sex.

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    lol, nice fiction.

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