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    Straight Male / 37

    My step daughter have always been close so I could never do her wrong. I now feel she is doing me wrong. I have seen her naked and half dressed on many occasion without thinking of her sexually. Now she is really blossoming and I catch myself thinking wow all too many times. That's fine until lately. The latest thing is the sounds I hear from time to time. She is masturbating and making me all hard. I want to ask her to her to keep it down but I cannot let her know I know even though a part of me thinks she is doing it to tease me. I only hear her when her mom is not at home. I definately dare not tell her mom who surely knows. I often masturbate to the sound of her masturbating. I am bugging out over possibilities.

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    Get your priorities straight first!
    Spell definitely correctly.
    Then be the fucking creep that you clearly want to be and fuck your own daughter you disgusting piece of shit.
    Use birth control though.
    Horrible Son of a bitch.
    Enjoy though.
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    I don't quite share the above sentiments. I believe they are too harsh and biased. However, it does depend on the age of your step-daughter. If she is masturbating in your presence, making enough noise to let you know, and it is making you uncomfortable, then you can always discuss with her. This doesn't have to be a segue to sexual activity, just communication.

    If she's old enough to know better then have a chat with her, but keep it clean, that is, unless she makes it clear that she is doing it for your benefit, then it's up to you. I'm not recommending or do I condone any form of sexual abuse or m****tation, that should not be the case. However, if she is mature, sexually aware, of sufficient age to know better, and makes it clear that she is trying to elicit a response from you, then it's up to you to tread carefully and understand her motivations.

    Perhaps she just likes to know that you can hear her, perhaps she only wants you to watch, but she may also want more.
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    She is masturbating and making a noise because it giver her more excitement knowing you are listening to her, I think shortly she will be letting you catch her at it, speaking as a female I use to like being caught with a dildo in me, specially it was a man who caught,it depends on you and how old she is.
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    She's practically inviting you to catch her. Play it right and you'll be balls deep in her soon enogh.
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    I don't know if you're still checking these, but I suggest getting close to the door when you start hearing her and see if she calls out for you, either by name or "Daddy". That would be the time to "catch" her like she apparently wants to be caught. If it starts to blow up, you can claim you heard her call for you.

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