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    Transsexual Male / 42

    I have a dark fetish for tiny teens with no tits and smooth pussy, I know its wrong but can't help looking. I think I'm Turning into a p**o recently I stole my friends young daughters used panties the pair she took off after school and took them home and cum in them and masterbated over her lots. My wife found them along with lots of porn and a conversion with others like me. She said I'm a p**o and is going to leave me but I can't stop it turns me on and today I met a guy the sane he showed me pics of his daughter we both got off over it and his daughters panties. I think I'm supposed to be like this as I can't stop

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    I love their tight young bodies too, There's a junkie who lives near me and her daughter is very hot she's 13 and so sexy I often get glimpses up her skirts and dresses as she's not very careful with them besides I'm sure she knows I'm looking anyway and puts on a little show for me, We've recently started talking and I've discovered that her Mother often disappears for days at a time doing drugs which her daughter hates, I make her laugh and I listen to her often she's hugged me a couple of times too and she's dropped hints about how much she likes me and says when her Mother goes off again she will phone me so i can go round and gave some "fun" with her and I can't wait, I used to have a jerk off buddy who had a really sexy daughter we'd Jack each other off to pictures of her regularly.
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    You should kill yourself.
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    Get professional help.
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    Age of consent means they do not have the mental where with all to know what's really going on. They are kids. You are sick fucks who should be shot. So sick that the commenter actually thinks this child wants him like he wants her. Wrong!!!! You pathetic losers. She's a sadkid with a junkie mother and you're abusing her. As for the poster, your wife shouldbe callingthe police. It's a crime to not report child abuse or posession of c********n.

    Stop trying to normalize your sick demented and abhorrent perversions.

    I love sex. I need to get fucked at least 10times a week. I'm no prude. Poster and commentator are simply deviant fucks that should be behind bars.

    Why do so many men put their sick desires above women and children's rights to be treated appropriately!?!?
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    If you like kids sexually you deserve the most painful slow agonizing castration while tied out in the open in the blazing sun left there bleeding out and vultures plucking out your eyes.
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    Why doesn't this site take this horrific shit down????
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    Molestation of children is mental injury they carry lifelong. Children are people, not objects to be abused.

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