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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Back in my early twenties, I was homeless for about three months. At first I stayed pretty much where I'd been brought up, but after a few weeks I moved down south. I'd been sleeping in a park during the hot summer we were having, and walking into the city during the day for food and to see about work.
    On one of the nights, as I was asleep on a bench, I was awoken by being punched. There was a few guys surrounding me so I curled up and took the beating. Only it stopped fairly quickly. Then like I was piece of sexual meat, I was stripped and made to bend right over the back of the bench.
    Over the next three quarters of an hour I was fucked by one then another and then another. On and on it went until I lost count of how many times I'd been fucked, but by then I was totally and utterly enjoying/loving what they were doing to me.
    Each cock that entered my arsehole felt so amazing after the initial guy. His cock hurt and hurt bad, yet even his after a few minutes began to feel strangely good. After I'd say about half an hour of stopping and starting again, I was slapped by one of them and turned to see five white men laughing at me. Three of them walked off pulling up their boxers and shorts. But two of the men stayed.
    Pushing me down on the gravel pathway, I was told to lick and suck off their cocks. Doing what I was told fearing another beating, I took in the first cock and tasted cum and my own anal juices. It wasn't unpleasant, and I soon found myself giving him what I later learned was a fantastic blow job. His mate soon wanted some, so I was made suck off both, giving each a couple of minutes before switching.
    Then one of the men told me to lay face up on the bench and I was entered again. Only he fucked me like I was a woman. Holding me tenderly, he bent forward and kissed me. That more than anything that night shocked me, yet I still kissed him back.
    However the second man wanted my attention so as I was being fucked missionary, I was made to suck cock too. Both men having already cum inside of me, then did so again. Only after they'd ejaculated their cum down my throat and deep up my bum, I was given my clothing back and some money.
    No more than a minute or two later, they were gone.
    I sat there not really knowing what to think or do. Getting dressed I waled out of the park, went to an all night burger place and got myself some food and a drink. The following morning as I awoke from my park bench, there was guy sat nearby.
    He stood up as I awoke and walked over. Sitting down next to me he immediately said he was sorry and I was to report him and his friends if I wanted to. He went on to tell me they'd been on a stag do and the groom was the first to fuck me. Only afterwards did they think about the risks involved both ways, and only when he woke up in his flat, did he feel an overwhelming feeling of guilt.
    We chatted for some time and I went with him to a cafe for breakfast. He paid and he paid again for me to have a shower (Local baths) and even bought me some clothing from a charity shop. He stayed with me pretty much all day and only when I said I needed to get back to the park to claim my bench, did he say "Stay at mine".
    I did consider going to the police, but instead took his advice and offer and stayed in his flat. In a safe cosy bed, he got up behind me and slid his cock deep into my arsehole. He also had me turn my head and kissed me. Fucking me for some time, he came deep inside my body and stroked my cock until I came too.
    Two weeks more I stayed at his place and by then had the results back from the clinic. We were both clean (I already knew) and he couldn't have been more pleased for me. After my second week of safety and wonderful sex, I moved into a place a care worker had gotten for me. It was shitty place at first but it was mine, and my bully of a step dad couldn't hurt me there.
    A couple of weeks after moving in I got a job and opened the door to the guy who's flat I'd stayed in.
    I won't mention his name, But I will say it was he who got me the job, it was he who contacted my care worker and it was he who first showed me that not all men are bad. And oh yes, it IS he who now shares my life and who has been my lover, my rock and my salvation for the last twenty six years.
    We no longer live in flats, but now share a house, our home. His ex wife visits all the time and I'm very fond of her. She still enjoys sex with her ex husband and sometimes that involves me too, hence the bisexual tag. But I receive his long thick gorgeous cock up my arsehole most nights, and some day times too.

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