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    Gay Male / 52

    There has not been anything as terrifying in my life as going to prison for the first time in my early twenties. While I was smart enough not to believe everything I heard, I realized that there must be some truth in men having sex with each other in prison. As the saying goes: You can't r**e the willing. It didn't take me long to consider submitting willingly over being violently forced. In all honesty, I was not put off by the notion of sucking dick. I had been curious for years. Some of the hard cocks I seen in the showers made my curiosity grow stronger. Facing a long prison sentence I gave up hope on having sex with a woman after nearly a year in the county jail. I got so horny some times I considered putting it out on front street that I would suck a dick to get my dick sucked.

    The moment of truth came when an oldtimer propositioned me to suck my dick. My pants were down and my dick was in his mouth without another word said. At the heigth of arousal he stopped and told me to return the favor. I initially refused. But he didn't take no for an answer. What I was afraid of was how much I wanted to suck a dick. It's what my fantasies were made of. That and getting my dick sucked. Knowing he was gay I said fuck it and went for it.

    As soon as I seen his dick I accepted my homosexuality. I quit hiding my deep desires for gay sex. I didn't care that he seen how much I was enjoying sucking his dick. I had never been more turned on in my life than with having his big, hard dick in my mouth. The cocksucker came out in me. I knew then that it wasn't going to be the last time I sucked a dick.

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    I use to go to gay bars wearing panties, cheeky shorts and a ladies blouse tied in front. I was with strangers and needed to let myself out of the closet. I am a gay cross dresser and love to tease men, turn them on and got out to the parking lot to suck their cocks. After teasing innthe bar, i fix my shorts even shorter and walk on dark streets, whoring to be picked up. Getting in a car with a stranger, parking and sucking his cock is such a turn on. Making a guy cum in my mouth makes me cum. Before I get out, fix myself up pretty, put my panties and shorts back on, brush my hair and kiss my new boyfriend.

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