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    Straight Female / 29

    Seriously now what the fuck do I do ???

    My husband is a wonderful man, a very sexual man who loves fucking me. And we fuck a lot. Yet a fortnight ago I came home early from a business meeting and found the man I love, taking a large thick cock up his asshole from behind on our bed.

    If that wasn't bad enough, the man fucking my husband was my father. Great just fucking great. There I was stood watching my own dad screwing my husband and they both sounded like it wasn't their first time together. A comment from my husband kind of gave me that impression when he said "That's it Frank, fuck me like you did in your shed last week. I came like a freight train then".

    What's more bizarre was my reaction. I say this because they still don't know I know. I watched them, I actually watched them fuck and became horny. Seeing my dads cock actually had my pussy twitching and wet, and hearing my husband take his cock made me feel like playing with myself.

    I didn't as I walked away, but it took some forcing to move myself away from what I later realized was a beautiful sexual act to watch.

    My husband has been round to my dads place a couple of times since. Supposedly for work related stuff. (They work in a similar field of work). And each time he's returned home he had that smell about him. you know the one I mean, sexual.

    I'm not saying here I'm mad at him or even thinking of outing them. But I'm confused about my own feelings and my reaction. Surely I shouldn't be turned on by my dads cock, or by seeing them having gay sex. But the truth of it is, I was and am when I recollect them fucking. I've even masturbated remembering seeing my fathers cock burying itself up my guys ass.

    So as a confused, turned on and somewhat freaked out wife and daughter, what the hell do I do now ????????

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    That would be up to you: obviously fidelity does not mean much to your husband, but he may sceam a double standard out of the other side of his face. Your father seems to no have issues with fidelity either.

    So the question is: do you want to join them in a MMF 3way and be the other woman your mom's husband is cheating on.

    If you have guilt about it, either ignore what is happening or confront them.

    That seems to be about it if you are not going to out them and/or seek a divorce.
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    It is your fault! Blame yourself for not fucking his ass when he asked for it!
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    I played with a couple where the woman was really into watching men fuck. Unfortunately it didnt work out for us to play together just a time or two, but I think more women find the thought of watching two men fuck erotic more than they let on.

    Men like to watch two women, so why should it be any different? Its hot, sexy, forbidden and erotic...
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    Your Husband thinks he had a great Orgasm in the shed wait until he has his Cock in You while Your dad fucks his Ass! Make it even better put a tight cockring on your husband cock and ball so his cockhead is as swollen as possible. You and Him will never blast off harder and I suspect your Father may too.

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