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    Straight Male / 48

    I am looking for WOMAN who enjoy chatting about sex, past experiences, unfulfilled fantasies or deep dark sexual secrets. Since Craigslist no longer has a personal section, it is difficult finding woman who want to chat. That is all I am looking for. Online chat affair. Safe and anonymous. Not looking for bullshitters. Not looking for guys secretly presenting themselves as women, but 100 percent female that maybe has a slutty side and an unexplored slutty side.

    If this may be of interest to you, email me





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    14 days ago
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    email does not work. Why not write here?
    14 days ago
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    My email works perfectly. Just donât make the mistake of using 2@@ signs. And no periods in y***o. It is a normal email but AC will not allow unobstructed email addresses.
    12 days ago

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