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    Lesbian Female / 23

    Last year I lost my job and a friend allowed me to stay with her. I am still with her and I don't have a job. I take care of things like housework, cooking and cleaning and she works. She tells me I just have to get used to being the wife in the house. I don't do well working but I do well in school so she let me register at the university to get a masters degree.

    Not long ago, about three weeks ago we were with some friends and we met a new couple and she said 'Marsha is my wife'. When we got back home I asked her why she said that and she said 'well your my wife aren't you?'. That night before bed she told me to make up my mind. As far as she was concerned I was her wife, she didn't need a different wife or another wife, she had a wife and that was that. She also told me that it would be nice if I told people that I was her wife because lots of people ask about our relationship. I asked if that meant that she was my wife too, I mean how can I be her wife and her not be my wife. She said yes, that is exactly what she meant.

    She never asked me to be her wife, she said I was. I know that I am the wife of the two of us, she works and supports us, so that means that I am the stay at home wife. If I am the wife why do I have to initiate everything between us? She is so passive when it comes to being affectionate. She says that she wants to be the girl, to feel like a girl.

    When I moved in we were just friends. We weren't even sleeping together. Now we are telling everyone that I am her wife, and I guess I tell everyone that she is my wife too.

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