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    Straight Male / 44

    I am blessed with good looks good body large cock and a lot of confidence. Women constantly flirt with me and I have had many offers for affairs over the 15years I've been married. I have never cheated until recently. My wife is smoking hot I've never had a reason to cheat. She is just as hot in the bedroom too. Recently my wife has really been into taking me shopping and buying clothes for me. Dressing me in the latest clothes and usually buying things for herself at the same time.

    This is what happened about 2 months ago.
    We were shopping in our local mall my wife picked out 3 new outfits for me. Told me to try them on and left me in the hands of the young shop assistant. Now this was a Tuesday morning the mall was next to empty. As i tried on different clothes the young lady stayed outside the door and chatted with me. As i said I have no problem with women. She asked if I needed any help getting into the pants she handed me over the side. I told her I might need help getting the last pair off as they were a bit snug. She giggled and said ok then, next thing she's in the booth with me giggling and flirting and before I know what's happening she is giving me a blowjob. Now my wife is the best cock sucker I've had in my life and this girl though very sexy wasnt very good at it. She had such a cute little young body all I wanted to do was get my cock inside her. Can I fuck you I asked? She said yes but cum in my ass. Yup that pussy was like nothing I've had in years. My wife is hot buds she's 41 and had 3 kids this thing was tight. I fucked that pussy for a few mins and when she came hard on my cock I gently fucked her ass until I came.
    20 mins later my wife returned and I bought one of the outfits said I wanted to think about the other 2 (really I wanted a reason to return). I've been back and fucked Chloe a dozen times since. I'm addicted to that sweet young tight pussy.

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    How humiliating for your wife who's given you so much.
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    #1: true but shes probably fucking a huge cock on the side too if shes really that hot...

    I have a friend who all the girls drool over. His wife is hot too, a slender Kim K look alike. He treated her like a queen. She fucked around on him and he said screw it, I dont need this shit, and gave her the boot. Now she is crying asking him back, finally realizing how good she had it.

    OP Just remember, if you are getting it somewhere else, she probably is too. Ask yourself if its worth losing what youve got. Plus half of everything you have.
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    I sympathise with the poster. I have a wife nearly 30 years younger than me, I love her, she's very attractive and she's a good lay, but I have a little mistress of 24 (I'm 71) who is totally boring, no conversation, but omigod that little tight pussy of hers, and her skinny little body - I'm addicted. We never go out, never go anywhere, just fuck once a week.
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