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    Lesbian Female / 30

    Right out of college I married a nobody. He was available and I couldn't be the last one to get married. He never lived up to being a husband, not with a job and not in bed. Turns out that he is gay, but I had divorced him long before he came out that he was gay.

    During the time that I was married to him I went to a bachelorette party for one of my sorority sisters and I ended up sleeping with one of the girls. I sucked her boob and I let her feel me up. She also kissed me and she told me that she always liked me and wanted me to like her. Gay right? Two women feeling their private parts and kissing and sucking boobs. Yesterday morning I went to her house and I ate her on the living room sofa. She is married to a doctor and has two kids. We watch gay porn, male gay porn and then pretend that we are gay men fucking.

    I am married to an engineer and I have a kid. I don't work either. So when the kids are in day care we get together. I have never spontaneously told my husband I love him, it just won't come out but I tell my girlfriend I love her every time I see her. We make love with our husbands but the older we get it is more and more obvious that we are queer. She is the focus of my affections. She has always admitted to me that she is queer about me and it is the same with me. I am queer about her.

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