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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    During the summers my brother and I we were sent to stay with our grandparents at the lake. They were retired and lived there year round. The house was small and he and I slept in the loft over the living room. My brother started masturbating and after my grandparents went to bed he would start to stroke himself and work his penis until he came. I watched. One night he walked over to me on his knees while he was masturbating and told me to open my legs and he shot his cum on me. He took his finger and rubbed it into my panties.

    He liked touching me because he felt me up while he masturbated. He found my vagina and inserted his finger in me and then he inserted his penis in me. I liked his penis a whole lot better, like a thousand times better. I guess we were fucking, but he said he was just jacking off and my pussy was made for jacking off.

    Summer one, and summer two and summer three and we had sex in the loft. Quietly, with out rolling around, me on my back and he between my legs we had sex. We could do it in a couple of minutes, or we could lay there while he slowly inserted and withdrew his penis. I liked them both.

    I gave him hand jobs, blow jobs and pussy jobs. I loved having him in my pussy. Blow jobs were when I was menstruating. I didn't really like hand jobs, my wrist hurt and I could never make him cum.

    You have to learn somewhere and he learned with me and I learned with him. By the time we left home for college we were pretty experienced, having tried just about every position we could think of and positions we read about. We were just horny all the time. It is hard for me to think that my grandparents never heard us.

    My brother has a habit of reaching for my pussy when he says hello. I know he is going to touch me. It is the only thing we have left of when we spent the summers with our grandparents. I love having my brother touch my pussy, even if it is for a second.

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    I have a similar story involving my sister when we were teens (she was younger). She would let me feel her up while I masturbated. I also tried to put my finger and penis in her vagina, but her hymen was tight so I couldn't penetrate. Instead, I started to finger her anus and then, with some lube, I got my penis in her bumhole. I told her the same thing -- I was jerking off, but in her anus. Once she got used to it, she liked it and we did it on a regular basis. At first, I would cum really fast. But I slowed down, so she could rub her clit while she was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her rear. We never did get caught. Now, it's been 25 years since this happened, but now she let's me fuck her pussy.

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