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    This is not about me but. Jim, a close friend who got married, much to my surprise. we grew up together and he always said marriage was not for him. I met her and found her a bit cold and aloof. I lived in another city so I did not see him often. We communicated by phone and email. The last time I was visiting, he told me that his brother-in law, his wife's brother was in town. He would come in and be put in the guest room. Late at night my friend Jim wold often wake up, his wife missing, and from the guest room down the hall, he could clearly hear fucking noises, sometimes her muffled moans.

    Then he would feign sleep and his wife would sneak back into their room and slide under the covers next to him. He said, "I'd lay there, hard as granite. I'n the morning, once in a while, I would pull the covers off my stone pylon and she would see it, gasp at its size, then automatically spread her legs wide open. Then we would have a massive fuck. Sometimes I could smell her brother's sperm on her, knowing I had fucked her while it lubricated her vagina." I looked at Jim closely and said, "Man, weirdness has become you. Are you going to tell her anything? He said, "No, I don't want to rock the boat. I just really get off on what they are doing and no doubt did for years. I get giant boners thinking about it. Yes, I suppose I'm weird" Jim said.

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