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    Straight Female / 22

    My friends always badger me about not going out most Friday's with them. I tell them I need to save money now I'm privately renting. Which in some ways is true.
    The reality of it though, is I'm having the landlord visit me most Friday's and some weekday afternoons, to fuck me with his super fat cock.
    He's no oil painting, and he's a little overweight. At forty eight he's also the oldest guy I've had sex with, yet by a long long way he's got to be the best lover I've ever had.
    We worked out a deal within weeks of me moving in, when I defaulted on my first months rent. I'd spent too much going out enjoying myself and was nearly half as short as I needed for my landlord. Telling me his wife was out shopping, he gave me two options. See out my notice of tenancy and leave, or suck him off and then let him fuck me.
    I swear once I'd seen his awesome thick cock, there was only one choice in my mind I had.
    He fucked me for over an hour making me orgasm countless times with his amazingly fat cock. It's only, I say only, seven inches long, but it's how thick it is that really stretches my pussy and asshole. I've had a tape measure around it, and it measures just over seven inches around.
    Right from sucking on it that first time, which took some doing until I got used to it's thickness, I have to say I've totally been enthralled by his cock. At first it was he who was pursuing me for sex. Calling by to fuck me when he wanted to empty his balls. But it was me who was soon seeking him out for sex, once I knew how wild his cock drove my pussy and ass to orgasm. And he seems to be able to fuck for as long as he wants too.
    Only last week with his wife asleep in their apartment, he called by and we had sex for over an hour and a half. He got between my legs and licked and sucked on my pussy and asshole for nearly half an hour, making me climax over and over again. Then like many times since I began to pay for my rent with my body, he fucked me senseless, driving me crazy with sexual lust for him and his gorgeous cock.
    He might not be Mr Universe and the best looking guy out there, but my landlord is to me, the best god damn fuck ever.

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