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    Straight Male / 30

    I used to be a trasvestite. I started dressing when I was 10, wearing my sister's panties and pantyhose. She found out and helped me work on my transformation. By the time I was 14, I could go out in public passing as a girl. I really enjoyed it too.

    I went out in drab with friends and met a girl, 2 years ago. I am very into her, and when I asked her to move in with me, I put my en femme things in storage to make room for her. I also wait openly dressing when we started going out.

    Well, last night we were cleaning out a closet and she found my stuff. She was cool about it, and asked if I'd show her.

    That was the first time I dressed since we met, except occasionally wearing her panties when she is away. I still really love it, and now my gf knows all about it too.

    She wants me to dress for her again today, and hopefully she will enjoy having a gurlfriend from time to time.

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