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    I was home and my wife at work. Her sister was staying with us for a few days. I walked out on our back patio to find her laying there naked. I didn't know how I should have reacted but she noticed me and told me to have a seat with her. I sat down and she had no concern with me seeing her this way. It was the first time I had ever seen her naked and she was a very good looking woman. I asked if she was going to cover up as my wife would not like me seeing her this way. She told me it was too late for that and if I thought my wife wouldn't like me seeing her this way we didn't need to tell my wife. I continued to sit with her and she remained naked. After a few minutes she asked what I was waiting for. I didn't know what she meant and she asked if I was playing dumb. She got up and told me to stand up with her. In one rather quick moment she had pulled my pant down and shortly had them, as well as everything else I was wearing, removed from me. We were both naked and I mentioned my wife would really not like me naked with her. She said we didn't need to tell her. I was still a little in shock and she squatted in front of me and began sucking on my cock. I told her she probably shouldn't be doing that. She briefly stopped and told she would stop permanently if I told her to. I didn't say anything and she said "I thought so" and went right back to sucking my cock. She suddenly stopped and got back on her lounge chair on all fours. I knew what she wanted me to do and maybe beyond my better judgement I slipped my cock into her. We were fucking outside and I was a little too aroused to care. There were neighboring houses and if one of them was looking our way they would have witnessed me fucking a woman who was not my wife. I don't know how long we were doing it for but it was a great good fuck. Afterwards I knew her sister would not tell anyone because she too is married.

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