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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I list as bi-sexual but that's new for me. I thought I was heterosexual all my life until recently. I'm married with one child, a boy. My husband is fine but after the birth of our son he seems to have retired his sexuality. Recently, my company hired Penny, a new editorial assistant. She's pretty, feminine, and looks even younger than her 23 years. Not long ago, she dropped some files on my desk and stopped to make a remark about my perfume. We chatted about it and the use of perfume, going on to cosmetics and other things.

    In a short time I found Penny to be fairly bright as well. She told me that a perfume smells slightly different depending on who is wearing it. She asked for me to dab some of mine on her neck to show me. I did. When I smelled it on her I realized she was right. What happened then was very unexpected. As I sniffed her neck I felt electrified and even the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The closeness had a powerful effect on me. I had never felt anything like that before.

    In the following days, we touched each other, slightly, when passing work to each other and we looked into each other's eyes and both, of us knew that something was going on. Not long ago, she said, "Oh, is that a new perfume? I said, "No," but she insisted on coming closer to sniff. I let her. When she was right up to me, her face almost touching mine, she said, "Oh, shit, the hell with it," and grabbed my head with both her hands, giving my mouth a deep kiss with a wild tongue. I found myself kissing her back. I closed my office door and we started to embrace and grab each other's bodies everywhere.

    I said, "We can't do this here." She said, "I know, but where?" On the following Saturday we met in a hotel where I had taken a room. We went slowly, removing our clothes. When we were naked, both of us were breathing like Marathon runners and I told her I had never done this before with another woman. She said, "Not to worry, I have, and plenty." So we had woman to woman sex, as I learned and enjoyed. So far we've kept it out of the office except for after a party last Friday where I had pulled my undergarment off so I could fulfill Penny's request to go down on me under my desk. We plan to avoid discovery but I wonder if anyone could believe it of me even if they saw us in a 69 on the carpet.

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