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    Straight Female / 43

    I guess I might as well confess it here since it's anonymous. I have wanted to fuck my own son, Ben, since he was in his early teens and I started to enjoy seeing his tall, slim body, already well muscled, and spotting his large morning wood as his cock stands up like a long, thick pole while he sleeps. I imagined sucking on it then mounting him and slipping it deep into my vagina where he came from in the first place. If my husband ever found out, he'd try to have me locked up and I know it. However, I don't feel terribly guilty about having these vile thoughts since it seems natural to me.

    I found a way to at least have a vicarious fuck with him. I told Nell, my younger sister, about my wild dreams and she was not shocked and told me she had the same thoughts about Ben. She even asked me how large he is. I said, "Not King Kong but nicely large and thick." She said her mouth was watering. I then told Nell that I can see the way Ben looks at her to to go ahead and seduce him so she can describe it to me.

    She said for me to do it myself and I said, I just cannot do it. She finally decided to do it and in three months they were fucking like maddened rabbits and Nell started telling me all about it. She said he goes crazy when she sucks him off and jerks him while she licks his balls.

    However, what has happened is that now I am going truly insane to fuck him. I've asked Nell to suggest it to him and see what turns out. At this writing, I'm waiting. Yet, I don't know if I can go through with it and I'm thinking of seeing a psychoanalyst. I can't imagine there are many mothers out there having these nasty thoughts. I know I'm obsessed to fuck Ben and don't understand why. If the shrink does not tell me I'm nuts, I'm going to fuck my own son. I can't help it. Maybe we can have a threesome with Nell I won't feel guilty, sort of spread the insanity.

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    Whats your sex life like with your hubby? Lacking? Wondering why you cant satisfy your urges with him...
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    I don't believe that is abnormal. I'll tell you why I say this, when I was about 12 years old my family lived in the country, just a short distance from city limits. My dad owned his own business and was normally gone from daylight to dark. Too, we lived in the South where it's normally warm the year round. Therefore we did not have in home heat, In the winter we used a open fireplace. We did have some portable electric heaters. So, one summer night when school was out, vacation, I had been playing outside in the dirt and really needed a bath as my mom really cares about cleanliness. That night, before bedtime, she knew I was dirty and she was tired so she suggested she give me a quick sponge bath so she wouldn't have to worry about me getting the bathroom all dirty from bathing myself. Well, as it happened she got a portable tub, filled it with warm water and placed it in the Family Room where everyone normally stayed when not busy with family things. Well, she undressed me and began with a soapy sponge. Naturally I got a rock hard on from her paying particular attention to my dick. Dad was sitting across the way, reading the paper which never arrives before he leaves in the AM. Mom turned me toward him and said, "Honey, look at this." He lowered the paper momentarily, looked over, said "Uh Huh" then back to his paper. Mom kept rubbing my hard dick with the sponge and I lost control, I started shooting cum but she saw it quick enough to catch it in a towel. All she said was, "Well, I see my baby boy is growing into a man." She completed the bath, dried me off, and told me to get may PJ's and go to bed.

    Well, I can't prove it but I am certain that Mom and Dad engaged that night because my bedroom was adjoining their bedroom and I could hear moaning noises before I went to sleep.

    Nothing was ever said about that for a good 4 years. As I said before, Dad owned his own business therefore he was gone 6 days a week. Mom liked to take an afternoon nap. This one day she called me in, summer vacation again, and said she was going to take a nap and she didn't trust me being alone because I often go visiting and some of my friends and I would go to the forrest and play around. So she told me to lay down beside her so she'd know where I was and that I was safe. So I, still fully dressed, lay beside her on the bed. I could not go to sleep, all I did was day dream about some of the teen aged girls that would accompany us boys to the woods. Soon I began to get a hard on. I began shaking my feet and Mom reached over and slapped me lightly on my chest and said, "Knock it off. You are keeping me awake." I did syop for awhile but soon I subconsciously started shaking my feet again. This time when she struck me she did so a little lower. She reached back, rubbed my lower belly, and discovedred it was my hard dick she had hit. She asked, "Are you thinking of the bath I gave you before?" I wasn't but I said, "Uh Huh." She then rolled over, places an arm over me and asked if I thought of that often. I lied and said, "Yes." That must have turned her on. She began rubbing my belly and hard dick. I couldn't take it any and she knew it as my hard dick got harder and started throbbing. She started with questions, "Do you jack off lots. Have you ever played around with girls before?" I didn't answer so she reached over, got my hand a placed it on her warm and soft tits and I could feel the nipples getting haarder. She unbuttoned my atheletic shorts and grabbed my dick and pulled it out. All she said was, "WOW". She asked if I had ever fucked one of those teen aged girls and although I had, I said, "No". She asked if I wanted her to teach me. I said, "If you want to." So she opened her night gown and I saw that she was wearing nothing beneath. She asked me to rub her pussy while she stroked my hard dick. I did but soon she placed a hand on my hand and forced my finger inside her pussy. It was warm and wet. Sje told me to keep applying pressure and pushing my fingers in and out. Soon she told me to get on top of her and as I did she took my dick and started it inside her pussy. It nearly drove me wild. She told me to pumy her with my hard dick, just push it in and out. I did and she began moaning and telling me to fuck her harder that she was fixing to cum.

    Well, that was one hell of an afternoon. After I got out of high school I joined the military. But between our beginnin sex and my enlisting we had our good time many times. When she writes me letters she ofter mentions our good times together with sex.

    So, I am not shocked with your desire with your son. There are probably many out there in the same boad but ashaned to admit it.

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    Your sister has already fucked him and you are wanting to also. If you are both good fucks and do everything he wants and make him crazed desiring you both do you think he'll be able to go back to a normal healthy sexual relationship with an inexperienced girl his age? It sounds hot (if this is real and just your not real fantasies) but as hot as it is it will mess him up.

    Are you prepared to fuck him from now on? What happens when you get him locked in to you then shut it off. Thats kinda cruel imho...
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    The first time you told Nell about your son Ben,her mouth was watering.Which mouth?

    Most true i****tuous relationships are kept under wraps and are never talked about.I know as a medical professional--they DO but aren't ever discussed.

    I am not for or against Incest but a piece of advice for you ,if you don't mind about any--even if you develop a relationship with Ben,DO NOT EVER SHARE OT WITH NELL.Just because you are both involved( when you are in future),doesn't and won't mean you are comrades in arms.
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    Now on in years, mom and I don't fuck any longer as we once did, so often, but in my teens I learned much from her, always called her my special sweetheart, and my relationships with women and eventual marriage are stronger because of my special sweetheart.
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    Don't feel odd. I have thought of fucking not one but two sons I have. I masturbate often with them in mind. I would pass out if they double penetrated me. I've seen their equipment and want some of it. If I NEVER thought of them, THEN, I would be odd.
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    I've been having sex with my son for a good while now, I've watched him grow and he has a beautiful body with a nice cock to match, It just happened on night when we were both very drunk and started kissing I'd often thought about him in a sexual way masturbating about him many times and there I was my tongue in his mouth as he kissed me deeply and his hand was going up my dress I thought my heart would pound out of my chest as he reached my now wet panties, That night he had me in many positions as he told me how much he loved me and during a rest he told me he had wanted to have sex with me since he was a young 13 year old but was too shy/scared to do anything about it, As he was fucking me over the arm of the Sofa I came so hard that I remember crying out very loudly as his nicely thick cock rammed into me, I have been divorced for a good long while so there is just me and him and we sleep together now too, I don't recommend it to everyone but for us it works.
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    I have nasty thoughts about my son. I want to have sex with him. I want him to ejaculate deep inside me. If he would get me pregnant, I would gladly let him.

    When he was teenager, I could smell familiar smell in his room and regularly found wet kitchen paper from his trash can. They were filled with his sperm. When he was out, I was smelling and if it was wet, also tasting the paper. I was masturbating with it and even pushing it inside me.

    I even bought condoms for him, telling him to be safe with girls, but in hope he would masturbate with them and I could then get them from his trash.

    There is a catch though. He was slim and schoolnurse were worried he might have anorexia. Nothing were found though and he needed to see a doctor. They found out he is healthy, although he have problem with his genes and it is making him infertile. If you feel quilty, imagine how I've been feeling knowing he can't get children, but how it makes me horny! That is my quilty pleasure fantasy! He could fuck me anytime and anywhere and unable to get me pregnant!

    He needed to make a semen sample for laboratory to see if he is already infertile and one morning he masturbated in to a cup, and then gave it to me. He was so cute! It felt warm. I had been walking back and forth in the kitchen, thinking how could I tell him I want to help him. When he was ready I brought it to laboratory. In my car I was thinking could I taste it, or rub it in me or even get a syringe from drug store and push it all in me. I was thinking could I get back home and lie to him it had opened in my purse and how I would need another sample from him. I was wondering could they find out at the lab that I have tasted it. I was too shy to do anything and I only brought the cup to the laboratory, but having wet panties.

    Most daring thing I have been able to say to him I said when we were talking about it, how if I could do anything, how I would do anything, even give birth to his children. He is adult, but still too young to understand what relationship and having children means in this life. He is not worried about his tool, because doctor assured him it would work all right. I feel sad and I'm worried how girls will react to it when he will date them. If he could only know how he could practice it all with me if he wants!
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    How many of these confessions or fantasies are genuine? They might just be told here to invite further fantasies.
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    How can you tell or say fantasies are not genuine? They are fantasies! Isn't your imagination genuine?

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