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    My wife and I were really kinky when we first got married. She was a party girl before we got together and was known for giving great blowjobs any time she was partying with you. As a matter of fact, she would blow a guy in the other room and after he would nut and go back out into the party, another guy would come in and she would blow him, and then the next guy. She just liked sucking dick and that made her popular with the guys.
    So afte we got married, she was always sucking my dick, which I loved. She and her best friend sucked my dick together and then she backed off and let her friend finish me off while she watched. Then,a week later or so, I let her suck off my younger brother while we were all watching porn one night. I ended up fucking her doggy style while she sucked his dick. It was really a turn on to watch her give him head while I fucked her from behind. He started nutting in her mouth and the sight of that made me blow my load in her pussy at the same time. So she got two loads of cum at the same time, one in her mouth and one on her pussy.

    Well, that was years ago and we have had a normal sex life for over 20 years. But the other night she admitted to me the other night that she had sucked off one of my friends several times when I wasnât home and they were partying together during that time period but never since then.
    She also told me that she had given my brother a hand job and sucked his dick years ago. One night when we were all dropping acid and I had left the house to take a friend home, my younger brother had flipped out so she had taken him back to the bedroom to try to calm him down. When I got back to the house, I walked in the bedroom and saw my brother laying naked on the bed, with a hardon and my wife standing next to the bed. She sheepishly said âIâve been wishing you were hereâ. She claimed that nothing had happened between the two of them so I blew it off. She admitted the other night that she had been massaging his dick and then had started giving him head but I came home before she could finish. She told me that she had been carrying the guilt for years and had always been afraid that someone would tell me. Instead of getting mad, it turned me on to think about her blowing my friend and my brother without me knowing. I told her that it was all right with me that she had done that and I had fantasized about her doing it with strangers for years but didnât think she was into that kind of thing anymore. I told her that it would really turn me on to watch her blow some young guys while I watched. At first, she got mad when I suggested it but then said that she would have to think about it. Iâm really hoping sheâll decide to do it. Iâve already set up a Craigslist ad and have a bunch of guys waiting if she decides to go through with it but I havenât told her because I donât want to freak her out.

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    Sheâs not mad, she wants to do it. There is nothing better than swallowing cum, sounds like she loves it too. Just keep bringing home men for her to suck off, and make it a rule she has to swallow or turn around and take it in the pussy. Thatâs personally my preference. While Iâm riding cock, I LOVE to be sucking cock
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    Fake craigslist don't have personals no not more.
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    She has sucked countless cocks behind your back for years.
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    Yep you outd yourself dude. No more Craigslist personals unforunately. Boy has that put a crimp in everyones outside sex, lol.

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