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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife sucks here bosses dick several times a week. I know about it and don't know what to do because we need the money. He doesn't fuck her or make her do anything else. He doesn't fondle her or touch her he just sits in his chair and she kneels down and gives him head until he cums. She was making $14 an hour and He propositioned her and told her that he would pay her $25 an hour if she would service him whenever he asked her to. She came home and we talked about it over the weekend and we both decided to let her do it. She's been doing it for almost 2 years now and he's now paying her $35 an hour. It hasn't affected our sex life, we just don't talk about it. We have an agreement that if he does anything or asks anything different of her she will tell me so that we can discuss it. She admitted to me the other day that sometimes she gets sexually aroused when she is sucking his dick but she has never let him know. She also admitted that sometimes she will go to his door and ask if he needs her services knowing that he's going to have her suck his dick. Sometimes when I French kiss her I think about him nutting in her mouth and it's kind of weird.

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    for 35 an hour I'd let my gf boss fuck her without a goddamn condom
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    So what if she sucks him? I'm betting you're getting used to the taste of cum too by now!
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    Very hot - your wife must be quite a talented cocksucker with all the practice she gets.
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    Thatâs really hot. I fantasize about my wife sucking her bosses dick.thatâs really awesome that your wife really does it you should ask her to tell you about it while the two of you are fucking.
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    Thatâs awesome that your wife gets aroused bye giving him head She is really an awesome dirty slut cock sucker. You have an awesome wife. You should get him to fuck her so you can lick and suck his cum out of her slutty pussy when she comes home.
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    Your wife is a whore.
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    She is spreading legs for him also
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    Yes, she is definitely spreading her legs for him! There is no doubt of it if she likes to do it with him. She may be afraid of what you might think of it and doesn't want to tell you the whole truth. My wife, then girlfriend, fucked with my friend. She had my permission though and she liked it. My friend didn't knew I let them fuck together. She was always saying how she only suck him, but her panties didn't lie. I didn't mind.

    It aroused me some, but one thing which really gets me horny is when she is having business trips with one of her work mate. My friend is good looking, 7/10 I must give him that, but I have seen my wifes work mate and he is not handsome at all. He is ugly. 3/10 the most. She fucks with him and he pays all the expenses in the trip. I encouraged her to do it and she said he does it for the pity. Clearly he can't get any pussy from other women, so he pays for it but she also likes to do it with him and she have admitted she could do it with him for free too.

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