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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Female / 18

    I'm still a teen, feminine and my voice has not deepened. I have a tiny penis, almost like a clit, and a slim body with a little bubble ass and wear the dresses of a school girl with no underwear below my waistline. I work at a sandwich shop and deliver to a lot of places at lunchtime. One of the places is a law firm and the top fellow there, Mr. Gearhart, is a big, heavy man with half closed eyes and a deep voice. When we first met he said, "You look good like a little school girl but you should get a professional to do your hair. He then handed me $200 to do it.

    The next time I saw him, I had my hair done and he said, "100% improvement. Let me see your little ass." I turned around and lifted my skirt. He said, "Can you handle this?" He took out what first looked like a baby's arm but then I saw the large head on it and knew it was a real cock. He added, "I want to fuck you, let's at least try." I had not had anything like that, some big, but this was heavy meat. He closed his office door and I bent over his desk. He lubed his cock up from a tube of something then slowly slipped his big meat up my ass. It got easier and more exciting as he pumped his thick, meaty cock in and out. It actually grew more erect and bigger as he fucked my asshole. I could feel him slowly pushing my innards aside for fucking space.

    Almost immediately it felt wonderful. It felt like it belonged up my ass and while he fucked me, slowly and deeply, I already started to think of how often he might want to fuck me and if he could fuck me daily. He said, "I'm going to come up your ass, here," handing me a small towel, saying, "I shoot off a large load, kid." Then I felt him pulsing inside me around nine or ten times. I felt it begin to drool out and caught it with the towel.

    Mr. Gearhart took out $100 and handed it to me, saying, "In case you need to launder stuff." My little asshole was throbbing with a slight burn but already hungry for more big meat and I said, "Can I drop by on my way back to the shop." He chuckled and said, "Sure, we'll see if we can try it again." I could not wait to get back and fairly soon, Mr. Gearhart was pumping me while I felt my entire body turned on to the fuck. He shot his load in where I could see he enjoyed it, I wiped it and he said, no more cash for today but you can come by tomorrow if you want more fucking. We'll try it out."

    My tiny bubble ass gets Big Meat daily now, and look forward to it. It's amazing. My tiny cock becomes a stiff rod and if Mr. Gearhart lasts more than five minutes I come on my own. He almost always pulses a lot of sperm into me. I come on the front of his desk but always remember to wipe it clean.

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