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    Straight Male / 25

    I just fucked my cousin who is 2 years younger than me. She was at my mom's place to show us her new baby. We were there for a while when my mom left to the store. While she was gone my cousin started to breastfeed the baby in front of me. I cracked a joke about it and then she asked if I wanted to taste the breast milk. She grabbed my hand and squeezed some milk on my finger. After tasting it I jokingly said "would be nice to get it from the source." She finished up with the baby and put him to sleep.
    She then came up to me with her boob still out saying "go for it" so I went for it. I put her tits in my mouth. Barely sucking I started tasting the sweet milk coming out. While doing so I reached around and grabbed her ass as she reached down to grab my dick. Next thing I know she stripped down and started sucking my dick. After a few minutes she takes my pants off and sits on my dick. We start fucking on the couch for a while. After about 15 minutes I came in her. Just as we finished my mom was pulling back up to the house. She stayed for a couple more hours til she left a few minutes ago. I just left and got back home to tell. 2 things. I hope I fuck her again. Being cousins I doubt her husband and my wife would know. Also I came in her so I hope she takes the pill.

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    Immediately after having given birth, women don't have as many of the normal defenses against sperm, so they're more likely to get pregnant.
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    Good luck "Daddy". Lol

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