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    When I was in my mid 30s I dated a woman who was about 10 years younger than me. One night while in bed she confessed to me that her father m****ted repeatedly from the time she was 12 until she left the house at 18. At first she didn't think her mother knew, but one night when she was 15 and she caught a glimpse in a mirror of her mom sitting the hallway masturbating as her dad was on top of her fucking her. At that point she decided to get even at some point in her life and she asked me to help her.

    So one night we were over at her parents, who where in their mid to late 50s. At this point her dad was heavy and had let himself go and was just a sloppy fat fuck. Her mom was thin -- in part because her dad was strict and made her do weigh ins and monitored her foot intake -- and you could tell at one point she was probably a cute woman but was now just a broken human. Their lives were pretty miserable but since I promised my gf I'd help her get revenge I helped.

    We got them drunk, not bad but drunk nonetheless. My gf started to cock tease her dad and when he looked like he was starting to get turned on she hauled off and punched him so hard he fell off the chair. We then taped his arms and legs together and propped him up against the wall. We then proceeded to make her mother fuck me, suck me, lick my asshole and drink my gf's piss. We were so turned on that we then went into her parent's room and fucked in the bed, making it a sloppy mess. After we were done, she went over and pissed on her dad and told him if he touched her or her mother again she'd call the police. She then told her mother to get her shit together because she was moving in with her.

    Over time, her mother started to look better and I started to fuck both of them. Even though my gf broke up with me, I still fuck her mother from time to time even though she's in her 70s. My wife likes to watch and even makes the old lady lick her pussy.

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