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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I'm a recently divorced white British male who lives in an area known for gang culture. Yet my ex wife and I never had or have any problems. That's because quite a lot of the local gang banger's, call by my home to have their dicks sucked to completion. They pretend their all hard and tough, but when I've got their big black or white cocks in my mouth, they're only too willing to show me their softer sides, if not their soft cocks. Some now have even taken things sexually further, fucking me when "They're in the area". My wife and I didn't split because of my gay activities, she already knew, so we're still good friends to a point. It's just that her new guy has a nine and half inch cock, and mines only four. I know his is that long, because unknown to her he's been fucking me this past five months, just like many of the so called hard lads of my city.

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