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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    One summer, when I was 15, my schoolmates and I went to lake. We got drunk and then went for a swim. I really liked one girl, she was there too. She forgot to take her bikini so she went for a swim in jean shorts and black bra. During this day we talked much, swim together and I also carried her on my back when we went for a walk on railroad cause she hadn't footwear. When we came back we decided to swim some more. Then a little accident happened, her bra slipped for a moment and I saw her boobs. Her nipples were pierced. I was surprised cause we were only 15, why would she pierce her nipples in 15? Not sure if she noticed but I stared on her boobs. Then alcohol made it's business I started putting the moves on her. And soon enough we were in a forest kissing. And everything wood be fine if not one thing, she had a bf and I knew it. Thats how I lost my virginity. In a few days we met again to talk about what happened. She wanted to continue but I said no because she had a bf. But we were in one class so she blushed everytime we talked or met in school until 18.

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