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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I met this girl at the park a few months ago and after a week we started having sex,usually at my place because she lived with her parents and she didnt want them to catch us.She told me she was 18 and looked and acted like it but I never asked her for ID or anything.Last night she texted me and tells me her parents had been drinking all day and got pretty drunk and had been in bed for a couple of hours and were passed out ,she told me she couldnt wait any longer and needed me to fuck her so I told her to wait outside and I walked over to her house as fast as I could.She was on the porch and took me to her room and quickly had both of our clothes off and got on the bed .I was hard as a rock so as soon as I got between her legs I slipped it in and started fucking her being as quiet as possible. After a few minutes her eyes got really big and she tensed up and said "oh my god,,Daddy im sorry" .I pushed into her all the way ,stopped and turned my head and there was her dad,I never even heard the door open.He grabbed the chair from her dask and stepped up next to us and grabbed me ,jerked me up off his daughter ,out of the bed and slammed me into the chair and told me to put my hands behind the chair,I was so scared that I didnt hesitate and he tightly tied my wrists behind me and to the back of the chair then a wrap of duct tape around each ankle to each chair leg and I was totally helpless and unable to escape. He asked me if I knew how old his little girl is and I answered 18 ,he said try again and I told him she told me she was 18.He told her to tell me how old she is and she giggled and told me she never said she was 18 ,and that she is only 14 years old ,,I was in deep shit . Her dad told me I was going to be arrested and go to jail for r****g a minor and I started crying ,telling him I was sorry and had no idea she was not 18 and begged him to let me go telling him id never talk to her ever again. He asked me if I knew what would happen to me in jail and I just nodded and he slapped me and told me tell him and say it out loud .With tears running down my face I said they would make me suck their cocks and fuck me in my ass .The girl giggled and said id probably like that then asked me if I wanted to suck mens cocks and if I have ever sucked mens cocks and I quickly told them that no I didnt want to and that I havent ever sucked cock . Her father got up and stood over in front of me saying that since I was going to suck cock in jail I could suck his cock and see if I really didnt like it,His daughter got up saying I would love doing it and pulled her dads shorts off taking a hold of his cock pumping on it .I shook my head and told him that I wouldnt like it and wasnt going to try it and started to struggle and get free.He slapped me again and told me to sit still,,he said he caught me fucking his little girl who is under age and was going to call the cops and I would be arrested and as soon as I was locked up in jail the men would beat me up ,make me suck their cocks and either torture me till I offered them my tight little sissy c**t or they would get tired of waiting and just r**e me,either way I was going to suck every cock in my pod and have my ass fucked good and hard ,,I started crying hard and begged him to let me go .I kept begging and offered anything I could think of to get free and they just laughed telling me that I would like being a sissy whore for those men ,,either eventually or maybe even right away .Her dad told me he had an idea,told me he would let me go ,not have me arrested but only if I agreed to suck his cock .I quickly thought it over,,spend no telling how long in jail where id be a sex toy for all those men or suck this one mans cock so I quickly agreed to suck his cock.That wasnt good enough,,they wanted me to say that I wanted to suck his cock,,I did then with out thinking I begged him to please let me suck his hard cock that I wanted to do it more than anything. The father sat naked on his daughters bed while she released me and told me to show them how bad I wanted his cock,reminding me that if I didnt obey that id get to please my boyfriends in jail.I dropped to my knees between the mans legs and took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it hoping he would hurry up and cum so this night mare would be over ,unfortunatly he didnt and I was forced to suck on it for over half an hour.Finally he told me he was going to cum in my mouth ,I had to keep my lips wrapped around it ,,swallow every drop or he would make me do it over and over till I could ,,lastly to keep sucking until I made it hard again.I was lucky and was able to swallow it all as ordered,then sucked him hard again . He told me to sit in the chair and watch a real man fuck his daughter,,I sat there and watched them have incredible sex and afterwards licked and sucked her pussy clean then sucked his cock again making sure it was clean as before he caught me fucking his little girl

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    absolute bullshit

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