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    Straight Male / 25

    Last week I had to piss while my wife was sucking my cock .I decided not to warn her and grabbed her head and just let loose and pissed in her mouth forcing her to swallow every drop. She was so pissed off at me and I told her to get over it and she smiled at me and told me she would get me back for it and I would be sorry.I laughed at her and told her she better make sure it is something really good and she promised it would be.two days ago she made me a mixed drink,half way through it I passed out.The next morning I woke up and was tied in a chair ,totally helpless.My wife had inserted a catheder into my cock.the tube from the cath went to a pump then to a hole in the ball gag that was strapped firm;y in my mouth.There was an IV stuck in my arm pumping fluids into my arm to keep me hydrated. The whole setup was designed so the IV hydrated me which made me have to piss, My piss went through the cath into the pump which pumped my piss through the hole in my ball gag and into my mouth. I held it as long as I could but eventually was forced to swallow my own piss. She left me tied up like this for the entire day and replaced the IV bags as they emptied .I was restrained for over 12 hours and was forced to swallow every drop of my piss as punishment for disrespecting my wife thinking It was ok to do something that was very cruel to her. I deserved my punishment and will never do anything like that again to my wife.

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