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    Straight Female / 28

    I married an Hispanic man I met in college. He wanted a family so we began our family immediately after we got married and had three kids, pretty much bing, bang, boom. I worked for a while before my first child was born but have not worked since. He worked for a company and then left to start his own business in the export supply business for chemical companies. He is a Chemical Engineer.

    On the surface all is well, I live in a nice neighborhood and have the luxury to stay home and care for my kids. My husband is a good provider and his business is doing fine. What I don't like is that I get ass fucked. I get pussy fucked but then he gets me on my knees and ass fucks me. Ever since we started dating he has ass fucked me. I would like a long slow pussy fuck. Is that too much to ask for?

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    What does he say when you explain that to him?
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    Talk to him and ascertain as to why he likes your Arse. Is the pussy loose? It can be tightened.If he does not say so and continues to parking in the rear,get him arrested for sodomy.
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    Let him fuck someone else in the ass. Plenty of fags on here claim to really like it. Also demand your slow, Dick limping pussy fuck from a young man.
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    To answer your ending question, that depends. It's a two way street. How much cash are you willing to part with?? Look, your c_u_n_t is useless unless you have a man willing to us penetrate it with a slow fuck & deposit his semen. To that point, contraception of course, is for you the female, to be accountable for. Get your ducks in a row ; then maybe we talk. .. "Catch up on old times ; there will be no new ones"....

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