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    We were all single in our first jobs after college. The foursome was made up of alums of our college, two guys and two girls. At one party, it was a football weekend, one of the guys told me to sit on his lap and see what would 'come up'. He had me in a grip around my waist so I couldn't stand and my feet didn't touch the floor. The other girl who was the hostess told me to grind my ass into his lap so that I could get a good hard dick out of him. When I didn't she started teasing me that I didn't like dick. She lowered her shorts and asked me if I wanted pussy instead.

    She got on her knees and pushed her face up into my lap using her nose to rub me. By then the guy that had me was hard and she had her hand on his dick and asking him if he wanted to fuck me. He said he didn't care which pussy he got as long as he got some pussy. She undid my pants and pulled them off until I was sitting on his lap naked, she pushed his dick in me and told me to rock back and forth and get it all in. He came pretty quick and she helped me off his lap onto the floor and ate me.

    The whole event lasted a few minutes, the other guy watched us, she helped me get my shorts back on and rubbed my pussy with her hand and told me that any day any time she was available to be my girlfriend. This was the first time that a get together turned into something like that and the two guys found themselves alone. I spent the rest of the afternoon being fondled and kissed by her and we went back to the bedroom for sex in bed.

    Up to that afternoon I had never thought of being with a girl. She had been with many girls but promised to be exclusively with me. We remained exclusive for nine years. I met a guy at work and I found myself spending a lot of time with him and then going to lunch and at this one lunch he kissed me and that led to me going to be with him. It was my first dick since that party at her house back when we were getting to know each other. I went home and confessed to her.

    I haven't had sex with my coworker again. I don't know why I did it and I am still in the dog house with my girlfriend. I can't understand why I got hot and horny for a dick. I never wanted dick that night when we got together and I feel bad about having dick this time. My girlfriend forgives me but she is hurt. She has remained exclusive with me and she is upset that I would let a guy have sex with me.

    I am now in a dick free zone with her, no matter what we stay clean and don't go there. I am ok with that, I never intended to go there. But the fact remains that I did and I gave him pussy. And it bothers me that I wanted to.

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    You need to a) grow up and b) find a woman with a mature mind who has a stronger sense of self.

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