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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Tried some dick and now I am hooked.

    I was in Dubai and at the hotel I got to talking to this Dutch man and we had one too many and he invited me up to his room and I sucked his dick. To be honest I liked it. He was a pretty top man and he wanted more than just getting his dick sucked and I ended up giving him my ass as well. He used plenty of lubricant and a condom, he was well prepared and getting stuffed was far better than I would have guessed.

    Anyway since then I have hooked up two more times, once with an Arab man from Turkey who drove a cab in Paris who fucked me literally, no lube, no condom, no patience. He had me suck him afterwards. I don't know if I liked him more. He took me back to my hotel around 3 a.m. I asked him point blank where I could hook up with a man and he offered for a higher cab fare.

    My third connection was in New York. I made arrangements through an escort service to meet the guy at Times Square. I told him how I was dressed and that I gave him a fake name. He came by, a man in his later forties and we went to this bar which was all gay men. He kept his hand on my shoulder and I told him about my two previous encounters. He had made arrangements for us to go to a small hotel. For a small man he had a bid dick. He gave me his dick to suck and then told me to get on the bed and he gave me a massage. He brought some anal beads with him and he inserted them in me while he was giving me the massage. He told me kissing was extra, and rimming was extra, it was up to me.

    He meant he would charge me to rim me, but I rimmed him. He fucked me with a condom and lube, after pulling out the anal beads, and when he went to pee afterwards I followed him into the bathroom and he peed a little into my mouth. It was expensive, what with the cost of the room and the total time he spent with me, including the side trip to the gay bar.

    So far all three men were pretty much tops. Of the three the escort was best and I enjoyed hanging out with him at the gay bar. I also liked having him pee in my mouth. Also I think the escort is safest, he is in it for the money, not like the Turk who wanted to fuck to hurt. But the reality is that I can't afford that kind of money for an escort. I really didn't like the Dutch man. I have two trips ahead of me, one to Mexico City and one to Singapore. I heard that Singapore was not the place to look for company like that, but Mexico should be a lot easier.

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