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    Straight Male / 30

    I get a strong sexual thrill out of wearing enormously huge PVC harem pants! The pants are mega baggy, ridiculously oversized, super slouchy, billowy, roomy, with very high waist rising to the armpits, low and super-loose crotch hanging down almost to the floor creating a bulge between my legs. The pants feature lots of folds, voluminous dr****g since they have a total width of 8 meters! The smell, look, feel, smoothness, slipperiness and the stimulation of wearing them makes me paralyzed by lust. The feeling of sticky PVC directly on my skin, lubricated by my own moisture, is a very joyful experience and while I'm wrapped and sealed in folds of thick pvc I fall into a hypnotic trance, not able to resist masturbate in them. I wish I could wear them in public. Public shaming, forced public exposure and humiliation excites me a lot as well...

    Pic: h t t p s static . fjcdn Dotcom /pictures/Worlds_2c0d35_2145383.jpg

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