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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I want to get fucked so bad.
    I don't care by what aged guy, I just want to be fucked so hard that my heart bursts.
    I'm a goodlooking young woman, and I know I could get a guy. I just want to experience so much first.

    I've had sex 4 times in my life, and 3 of them were fucking awful. The partners were inexperienced and extremely fucked up and weird. I have never came when having sex with a man.

    So now I'm constantly fantasizing about sitting on a guy's face until I come on top of his cock.
    I want to have sex with a bisexual man, so I can finger and fuck him.
    I want to suck a womans breasts while I finger her.
    I want everything.

    I want such slow sex that I can feel EVERYTHING.

    But I don't want anything boring, or something I don't find being attracted to.
    And also I wanna be a "sugarbaby" and moan to Daddy's ear.

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    Why donât you HMU baby maybe I can help you email me at fsritp7@@g***l.**m
    12 days ago
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    Good fantasy. If it was real you would know that, as a girl, by 18, you could have found more than 100 men (of all ages) to fuck you and plenty would do you exactly like you wanted it.
    11 days ago

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