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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    This may sound a bit strange to some people, but to me anyway, it's perfectly normal.
    Late last year I finaly got my wife to admit to fucking other men. I'd suspected she was having sex with other guys for some time. I mean if I was her, I would have been thinking along those lines sexually.
    Let me put it this way, if you're husband only has a four inch cock and it's spindly, would you seek out other men for sex.

    The smell of sex was sometimes overpowering on her after her girly nights out, plus I'd heard rumors she was fucking at least one other guy possibly in our home. The final seal of proof came when I got a friend to put in some digital camera's in our home. They're so small and absolutely awesome at image capture, she didn't know they were there, but picked up everything.

    Confronting her with the proof of her being fucked by two different men in our home, she wept a little, but then explained she needed more than I could give. I think she thought I was going to divorce her, or get physical after we both watched her having really hard sex with both men.

    What she wasn't expecting, was for me to show her another recording. That recording was of me masturbating whilst watching her being fucked on our huge tv. I actually showed her four such recordings and the last one had me using a pair of her used panties, the morning after I knew she'd been fucked all night as I worked my shift.
    My wife looked at me for an explanation, and the only one I could give her was "I love watching you being fucked".
    And it really was and is true.

    She's a beautiful, vibrant sexual woman. She's extremely attractive, slim and so sexual, I often wondered why she wanted to marry me. love I guess. So when I let her know how I felt, and showed her my reaction to seeing her being fucked, she wanted to know where we went from then on.

    Where we have gone, is one of her regular fucks Ray, who's in his mid forties, was invited round. My wife stripped in front of him and I and he looked at me as if to say "What the fucks going on". I looked over at my wife's lover and said "Fuck her Ray, fuck her real hard".

    I watched them having sex over the next hour and tossed myself off twice. When Ray had cum up my wife's pussy and ass and had squeezed out the last drops over her tits, I did something I'd been wanting to do ever since I saw her first fuck buddy cum up her ass. Making my wife straddle my face as I lay on my back, I licked and sucked out her pussy and ass, slurping down ray's cum and her cream. then I licked off his cum from her tits just before they showered and fucked once more in the shower.

    Ray is an almost permenant fixture in our home most weekends now. I've watched them fuck many many times since last year, and have even sucked Ray off a few times. But that's not where this all ends.

    The past couple of months my wife has been seeing a young buck who's large cock drives her wild. Yet her mouth, pussy and asshole aren't the only holes he now fucks. Codey is as I've recently found out, bisexual, and has introduced me to swallowing his cum straight from his massive cock, and amazingly also introduced me to anal sex. We've not had sex in front of my wife yet, as believe it or not, she's jealous that way of me.
    Having said that, I still prefer to taste his hot sticky young cum from my wife's pussy and ass.

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    I need a friend like you. A friend that will blow me and bottom who also has a hot wife I can fuck. would love to see you eat my cum out of her pussy.

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