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    Straight Male / 32

    I work for a demolition company. One night when my crew and I were on a job we decided to have a little fun. This was around the time that Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus came out. So my coworker dared me to swing from a small wrecking ball we had completely naked. Before he had finished his sentence I had pull down my work pants and underwear exposing my cock.

    I climbed on top of the wrecking ball. As I sat down I felt the coldness of the metal spread up into my ass cheaks, between my legs, and through my ball sack, causing my balls to crawl up into my crotch. My penis was now the size of a golf ball, but as I got aroused by all the people watching me, bloob rushed back in, hardening it to it's normal 9 inches.

    My coworker then rose the wrecking ball about ten feet in the air and allowed it to swing a little as I acted out the movements that Miley did in her music video.

    That is probably on of the most embarrassing, yet enjoyable things I have ever done with my naked body.

    Do you have any stories of being naked at work before?

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    lol,sounds fun & funny.
    Good for you & your self confidence. You sound like a fun guy to be around.

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