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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was a "wild-child" from grade school. At first it was "show and tell" and that lead to other stuff. By the time I got to High School I was far from being a virgin. Not long ago I went to work for a large company in their coffee shop and I take a cart out with fresh coffee and rolls, donuts out every morning. What I thought would happen did and one fellow, Ted, closed his office door, the very first day I was there. He then took his tool out and his hardness and size excited me so I had to start sucking him off right away. I have no idea how he knew I would not run out and get him into trouble.

    The second day I saw him, he closed his door again and said "You know what we both want, let's do it and be quick about it, this is a busy office." So, we did it and fast but it was so good, I love his hard tool. I saw him once again.

    The second week, Ms. Thompson, a middle aged woman came to the coffee shop. She said that she knew Ted from his first day a that office, a while back, and she has fucked him hundreds of times. Ted confided to her that I was "new talent." I looked at her and she seemed like my own mother. She told me without any further comment, "I also love pussy, are you so inclined?," she said, pulling out one large breast from her blouse. I just about lost my breath seeing it, full, with a fabulous nipple. She reminded me of a lady I used to baby sit for in my early teens who seduced me, only. I fumbled a few words out of my head and told her I would not turn her down if she wanted to eat me out. She gave me a note with her phone extension and told her to meet her in the lobby after work.

    Hours later, filled with expectation I met her in the lobby. We walked to her car and she said, "We can have dinner at my place, I live alone." Ms. Thompson took me to her bed and flew me to paradise half a dozen times.
    She also said, "I know where all the action is in the company. I've been there 20 years. While driving me home I said, "I can't believe I connected with you and Ted so fast. I wondered how he knew about me? She said, "Those of us into "the natural way of folks" can tell. In time, you will, too.

    Later while scarfing on Ms. Thompson's large vulva lips and clit, between moans, she said, "Teddy was right, you ARE a talent." Ms. Thompson also said, "I don't do any of it in the office. Fifteen years ago I was caught with one of the top executives. He was fired and the man who fired him started fucking me. I never cared for him, so, thankfully, he's gone now but I don't ever want to go through that again."

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